Friday, 16 March 2012

Chunky Mother

This shoe is totally funky chunky monkey!

I really like it, it makes me smile to look at it.
Its making a statement, its got something about it which you fall in love with. 
Coz its huge. Its chunky. 
Its like Hurly from Lost or a Hippo, you just love it.

It has a charm that you just want a piece of even though you have to admit, its hardly very flattering. 
But its so much fun! 
I especially like the thick wooden heel and double strap. 
Not too keen on the peep toe but it adds to its charm and makes the extremely chunky style a little more feminine. 
However I wonder what it would look like with three long ugly toes poking out the front, as is the way with very high heeled peep toe shoes!

Its just come to me could run down the road in these chunky mothers! Well I could.

Two tone peep two with wooden heel and double strap, Nicolas Kirkwood, 2010

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Another Sting Ray Shoe

So here is that stingray inspired material again!

It’s another gorgeous shoe, a little reminiscent of the Barberella shoe in January. But this one is a lot more delicate and has a lot more space station futuristic style chic.

I like the interweaving of the different metallic coverings with the cut out shapes for a peep through effect. 

The heel is a nice standard proportion stiletto heel and the elasticated strip will add comfort to your ankle with a foot hugging snugness.

Leather pump with stingray ankle covering and narrow heel by Diego Dolcini is simply yummy. 

And I suppose with it being part stingray, you could have eaten it at some point!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Organic Shoe of my year!

Here it is!
The show stopper shoe (so far) of the year!
If I had to pick one shoe, to buy from this calendar collection, this would be it!


It reminds me of a necklace i fell in love with that I want to have made for the day I may get married. It’s a necklace made from leather, painted silver and stars in the film Underworld on one of the elder vampires. It is organic and swirly with a heavy celtic influence and is really beautiful.

These shoes would match it exactly.

“Morphogenesis” shoe made with 3-D printing process, Pauline van Dongan, 2010
I love the structure, the organic intertwining details not just across the toes and ankles but on the back of the heel. And OH MY GOD! I just realised these shoes are white! I am loving the white shoes from this calendar collection. But this one is my favourite. It nurtures my aesthetics, my eyes are feasting on its shape, the hole in the heel complemented by the organic heel detail. Even the insole is interesting! But it wont stop me putting my feet inside and wearing these shoes.

I just love them. I want them. Have they grown on you?

Have I said enough?

Denim bootie beauty

Monday 5th March 2012
This boot stood out because it is not unlike what we are seeing on the market right now. Forgive me if i am a couple of years behind, I do reside in Scotland and it is not reknowned for being up to date in the world of fashion. 
I am sure I recognise this boot!

It is cute and adorable. It is perhaps the pioneer of what we are seeing on our high streets now. And I guess because its familiar, I like it. Not that I own a boot like this, nor do I particularly yearn to. But it is an admirable boot.

Chunky heel, the whole boot covered in denim, wrap round straps and brogue style flared tongue over the front. I just love it. 

I can imagine my best friend wearing these, she is a size three so every shoe looks good on her. It as after all the perfect size for presenting a shoe. But she loves a boot and a cute heel and this dainty denim boot reminds me of her.
But you will be surprised to know this shoe is leather!  Clever huh?

Blue denim finish leather “Artemis” boot with belted detail. Jerome C Rousseau, 2010.

Art Deco Shoe - boo boo bee doo!

Friday 2nd March

Now THIS is a beautiful shoe.

Its saying Rain! Rain! I’m over here, you know you want me.
And while it is saying this a soft alluring piano plays in the back ground and a sexy sultry trumpet seduces you into trying them on and cha-chaing your way around the shoe shop.

Art Deco-inspired “Roisin” platform with pieced leather design, Chrissie Morris, 2010.

I just adored this shoe. It is so 1920s and so beautiful. It’s not often I fancy a white shoe but this one I do! It is beautifully crafted, has style & angles, quirkiness yet proportion. It is elegant yet a little bit chunky and definitely a whole lot of funky.
I particularly enjoy the stepped edges around the ankle and the upper arch. You can imagine how snugly they will fit your foot, perhaps flaring out a little to mould precisely to your unique shape. The heels are reinforced with another stepped effect wedge under the heel which is in itself of a great size and proportion, not too skinny, not too thick. A peep toe front makes it possible (as I always say) to adorn your toes with an outfit complimenting polish colour.

All in all this is an amazing and stunning shoe. I would wear it to work. To a wedding. To a party or to the shops. Where ever you go with this art deco shoe, you are going to have a spring in your step and likely to break out into the Charleston at any given moment.