Saturday, 18 February 2012

Valentine Shoe

14th February.

So this is the kind of designer shoe we all want for valentines day???
Is it? Is it?

This is embaressing...

I am all for entering the spirit of luuuurve on Valentines day, yes it is commercial but it is also an excuse to show someone how much you love them. Anyone! I have been known to send valentines cards to my best friends or to our children. Share the love!

Seeing as my BF and I have our birthdays near each other at the end of the year its is nice to have yet another day to celebrate our love. Sometimes we dont make a big deal of it, sometimes we do the usual, flowers, cards and a meal. But mostly we use it as an excuse for being all cosy and snug, happy and smug. Coz lets face it, there is not enough love in the world!

And what would the world be like if we didnt have a national love day?
For christ sake we have national chip day, HIV week, LGBT Month, sexual health week, friendship week, Mothers / Fathers day and beyond...why not love day?

There are those out there that say they dont need valentines day. Every day is special to them and their right!

You dont fool me! Stop being such a lazy arsed bah humbug and unite in national love day. Or as commerial people like to call it...Valentines Day. Personally i think we should go with The National day of LOVE. Coz I love you all.

But these shoes??? Nooooooooooooooooo. These shoes I do not love.

Why not an homage to all things red and luxurious? Or a velvet creation of seduction? Where is cupid? Where is the love for feet?

Chocolate pump styled with a pastry frosting decoration by Jan Jansen is just yeurk!
Its a cute shape, its a style reminiscent of the Irregular Choice shoe but its marzipan-esque powdered look and icing letters?
Sorry but I just cant do that.

Give me a red stilletto any day over this delicatessen monstrosity!

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