Friday, 24 February 2012

Vacuum Identity Shoe

What is with this shoe? Its hilarious!

Vacuum identity? Eh?

Molded leather Vacuum identity shoe, by Rafaello Scardigli.

It makes me think of the Matrix, something you would wear to help you blend into a wall when you REALLY need to hide.

Or perhaps for obsessive (or frigid) people that like to know when they put their feet together, aint no one gonna get an inch between them!

The thing is, without this strange  blended in wall effect, it would actually be a really boring plain open toe black boot. The kind of thing you buy for £7.99 in a Shoe Express. Its identity simple B.O.R.I.N.G. But with this vacuum identity wall added on its identity is changed to 'quirky wtf?' and it has probably rocketed the price into designer idiocy – hundreds!

Well its not for me. But I am glad its out there. Thing is when someone wears it, will you notice? Or will their feet just be some kind of vacuum?

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