Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A little bit GaGa but totally funky punky

Monday 27th February. Now here is a fabulous shoe.

This I would definitely buy if it was in my price bracket (which I very much doubt it is) and was available in Scotland ( which I am pretty sure it is not.)

This shoe is totally me, very pleasing and funky to the eye and just a little bit punky & fierce. I want it! This is the kind of shoe you keep on for sex, it can be worn in any position and you will always look cool & sexy. It oozes sex appeal.

Suede peep toe with zippered crystal ankle cuff and studded metal heal, Diego Dolcinic, 2010.

What about those heals? Not too over the top, a little bit GaGa but not so ridiculous you pass straight through style without reaching Go. And the thick crystal covered leather band would give you support as well as look awesome.

I also love the fact these are peep toe, enabling you to match in with your outfit with any toe polish colour. They can be summer fun or winter delight. These shoes are worn at a luxurious height.

To me these shoes are elegant, funky, punky & cool I love them. Want them and would wear them endlessly. After all they would go with anything! Especially my birthday suit!  Happy Mondays!!

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