Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Jaunty Shoe

February 9th 2012

Well! I had to look at this shoe for a long time before I decided how I felt about it. That heal is just so...jaunty! I instantly loved the high gloss bluey green sheen of the snakeskin pump but that heel???? So angular and odd.

But eventually I realised I liked it. It was unusual, unique and a little bit mad. And I’m not one for out casting anything a bit different.

Snake embossed leather pump with angled heal by Nicholas Kirkwood. Angled heel? You don’t say! I suspect it would be rather comfortable though and with a long pair of trousers you would never see it. I just like the idea of this pretty and glossy snakeskin pattern peeping out from under my flared jeans. Nice!

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