Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Beautiful Burlesque Bootie

Yes yes yes Burlesque! (1st Feb. 2012)

What a way to start February! What a wonderful bootie!

This one is sexy, flamboyant and feathers too! Now this definitely a Kylie shoe. And me too!

Its almost like a hat for your foot. Dark Eros handmade suede pump with crystals. It really is love at first sight. Its red and black, its sexy and sturdy. Just look at that heel, not too high, you could run down the road in this shoe and be quite comfortable while doing it. In fact you could be road runner with this feather tailing behind you. Feathers in your hair and feathers on your feet.
What joy. Happy February!

Its absolutely gorgeous. Can you tell I love it?

Here was me thinking this shoe calendar was more flunk than flair but so far, and we are only one day into February, it has turned up six shoes worthy of love and adoration. Well done BF for such an inspiring gift. And well done this burlesque shoe for making February worth while. I don’t care if the rest of the days are wellies or moccasins. This shoe has enough spunk for all of the month.
And I am doing so well to resist temptation!

Llorraine Neihardt, 2006.

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