Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Stingray Shoes!

Stingray and suede “Barbarella” platform.

Not since the death of Steve Irwin has anyone considered wearing a stingray! Well they do now.

And wearing it style, I must say!

Barbarella would have gone up in my estimations considerably had she been wearing these shoes. I am thrilled by the use of the stingray material, its kind of bubbly and new fangled. The shape of the high healed sandal, the delicate stiletto and the slightly more chunky platform and suede open toe straps are delightful. And from the image it looks like an elasticated wide ankle strap which would just mould to your foot, bringing comfort as well as good looks. Its so structurally sound I love it!

What a wonderful shoe to brighten up a Monday.
One wishes it had been here for the weekend.
Sexy, intriguing and modern chic.
Its just a marvel of foot engineering. Question is...can you swim in them?

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