Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Morning Sun

The shrill beep of the alarm, the bliss of the snooze button,
The soft sound of your breathing, my happiness within your nook,
A light doze in each others arms, your scent makes me smile for the first time today
Your movement wakes me, your hand wraps round mine...

Surprise! You place my hand over your cock, warm semi nudging my senses,
I grip, you grow, and in the darkness of the morning my heart is bright with joy,
Lust fills the bed, the shrill of the alarm fills the room again,
Begrudgingly I pull away from you, towards the beeping, turning it off while you turn me on,

Back in the silence, in the dark, under the covers, electricity runs through us,
The early morning chill keeps us snuggled close, our magnetic attraction drawing us closer still,
You’re huge and throbbing in my hand, i buck and grind against you, aching, yearning,
The morning with you melts my heart, heats my groin, a loving start, sleepy passion

As you are in me and i am on you, the morning grew, bigger and brighter than days gone by,
We are one, so early, no birds, no light, just feelings and senses and sexual sight,
In the darkness i see you clear as mid day, we are happy, smiling, loving, flowing,
So high as we climax and the day dawned and we were there, sharing each other, showing love

The chirping sound of the birds, the click of the central heating,
The sound of our heavy breathing as I rest contented in your nook,
Love fills the bed, and we look into each others eyes, i cry a little,
For I have never known happiness so strong, so long, and i know, he is my morning sun.

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