Thursday, 12 January 2012

Happy Shoe Year!

May your year be filled with smiles & laughter. boyfriend, ever the understanding & brilliant mind of the Murkie bought me a Shoe calendar for Xmas. Not just any calendar either, no...

This calendar has 365 shoes, one for each day. Actually it is a bit of a cheat, it is double sided adn the weekends share one pair, but what do i care? It’s ALOT of very good pictures of very fancy shoes. Thankfully, although somewhat regretfully on my part it is VERY difficult to use the index card to find out where to buy the shoes, as they are listed by design & photographer. Not shop!But all of this does not matter.

I get to feed my shoe fetish every day (not to be mistaken with foot fetish - euwww) with a new style, new opinion and occasionally, I am sure, a desperate desire to own said fancy foot wear.

And today was the first of those days.

So expect lots of updates throughout the year as I buy or cry over fabulous shoes that I really shouldn’t put in my wardrobe. But a girl can dream yes?

Jan 12th - Futuristic "Ultra Loop Bootie" with floating insole on carbon fiber heel.


This is the first sight of love for my feet in 2012. I wish these were mine, they are simply devine. Seriously though...I really want them.

Oh to the next turn of the page. Free me to another shoe, to view, coz my heart is wrenching gazing upon you, delightful futuristic shoe, oh you!

I think I love you, Shoe.

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