Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hello Shoe Two !!

Hello beautiful shoe number two. (18th Jan 2012)

You are surely too much of a temptation for one month???

This gorgeous suede platform with metallic snakeskin is just the perfect coupling of style and chic. How near to perfection can you get with one shoe? Its purple. Its suede. I am totally pur-sueded

It has a high skinny stiletto, heightened by a small platform covered in a purple suede so delicious you can almost touch it in the picture, feel its suede sexy softness.

The quirky zig zag snakeskin front detail is held aloft your foot by pencil thin black leather thong straps to a matching skinny ankle strap. It shmoozes sex appeal in a soft luxurious way. Its not brazen. It is si magnifique chic. You can feel its goodness as it totters up to you, nudges your shoulder and says Hi baby, do you feel me?

Its a perfect purple suede persuasion. Ten points for me for resisting temptation.

Photograph credits=Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010.

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