Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Daddy Lepidoptera (23rd Jan 2012)

Have you ever seen the like?

Now this is more like it. A crazy shoe!
Its totally off the wall. Actually i think it is, it looks like one of those old 60s style lamp shades, refolded and moulded into a sci-fi modern shoe. It is a prototype after all! But isn’t it great?

Handmade plastic and wire ‘Wings’ prototype, as photographed by Tea Petrovic, 2009.

You cant help wonder what would you wear with it? This is a shoe I would expect to see Kylie wearing in one of her shows, or appearing on the set of an intergalactic movie.
But it is fun and unsual and definitely unique.
And gives you the validty for the feminine statement, heard repeatedly across the country every weekend “I have nothing to wear...with these shoes”

You may need to be cautious you don’t give large moths and butterflies the impression you are the daddy Lepidoptera and end up with a foot full of insects. Unless you like that sort of thing!

You have to admit, wearing this shoes, you truly would stand out from the crowd!

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