Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Stingray Shoes!

Stingray and suede “Barbarella” platform.

Not since the death of Steve Irwin has anyone considered wearing a stingray! Well they do now.

And wearing it style, I must say!

Barbarella would have gone up in my estimations considerably had she been wearing these shoes. I am thrilled by the use of the stingray material, its kind of bubbly and new fangled. The shape of the high healed sandal, the delicate stiletto and the slightly more chunky platform and suede open toe straps are delightful. And from the image it looks like an elasticated wide ankle strap which would just mould to your foot, bringing comfort as well as good looks. Its so structurally sound I love it!

What a wonderful shoe to brighten up a Monday.
One wishes it had been here for the weekend.
Sexy, intriguing and modern chic.
Its just a marvel of foot engineering. Question is...can you swim in them?

Monday, 30 January 2012

Going Green!

Neon Green Shoe

These Neon green patent leather “Block Pump Hi” with black carbon fiber heel are just soooooooooooooo green! These have got to be a love or hate shoe. Depending on if you love this florescent bright bright green or not. They have such a stable looking heel too that I suspect they would be popular in the cross dressing world where shoes need to take the weight of some thick set sexy legs. I like them. And even with the thick chunky heel somehow they are still thin and flattering down the foot to the classic round tip toe. A little futuristic, a little brave. A shoe to stand out with a flattering suit, not in the matching green though!
Murkies MX bike is this colour, so I suspect he will like these shoes, thought quite how he will wear them while riding down hills remains to be seen...

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Daddy Lepidoptera (23rd Jan 2012)

Have you ever seen the like?

Now this is more like it. A crazy shoe!
Its totally off the wall. Actually i think it is, it looks like one of those old 60s style lamp shades, refolded and moulded into a sci-fi modern shoe. It is a prototype after all! But isn’t it great?

Handmade plastic and wire ‘Wings’ prototype, as photographed by Tea Petrovic, 2009.

You cant help wonder what would you wear with it? This is a shoe I would expect to see Kylie wearing in one of her shows, or appearing on the set of an intergalactic movie.
But it is fun and unsual and definitely unique.
And gives you the validty for the feminine statement, heard repeatedly across the country every weekend “I have nothing to wear...with these shoes”

You may need to be cautious you don’t give large moths and butterflies the impression you are the daddy Lepidoptera and end up with a foot full of insects. Unless you like that sort of thing!

You have to admit, wearing this shoes, you truly would stand out from the crowd!

Hello Shoe Two !!

Hello beautiful shoe number two. (18th Jan 2012)

You are surely too much of a temptation for one month???

This gorgeous suede platform with metallic snakeskin is just the perfect coupling of style and chic. How near to perfection can you get with one shoe? Its purple. Its suede. I am totally pur-sueded

It has a high skinny stiletto, heightened by a small platform covered in a purple suede so delicious you can almost touch it in the picture, feel its suede sexy softness.

The quirky zig zag snakeskin front detail is held aloft your foot by pencil thin black leather thong straps to a matching skinny ankle strap. It shmoozes sex appeal in a soft luxurious way. Its not brazen. It is si magnifique chic. You can feel its goodness as it totters up to you, nudges your shoulder and says Hi baby, do you feel me?

Its a perfect purple suede persuasion. Ten points for me for resisting temptation.

Photograph credits=Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Morning Sun

The shrill beep of the alarm, the bliss of the snooze button,
The soft sound of your breathing, my happiness within your nook,
A light doze in each others arms, your scent makes me smile for the first time today
Your movement wakes me, your hand wraps round mine...

Surprise! You place my hand over your cock, warm semi nudging my senses,
I grip, you grow, and in the darkness of the morning my heart is bright with joy,
Lust fills the bed, the shrill of the alarm fills the room again,
Begrudgingly I pull away from you, towards the beeping, turning it off while you turn me on,

Back in the silence, in the dark, under the covers, electricity runs through us,
The early morning chill keeps us snuggled close, our magnetic attraction drawing us closer still,
You’re huge and throbbing in my hand, i buck and grind against you, aching, yearning,
The morning with you melts my heart, heats my groin, a loving start, sleepy passion

As you are in me and i am on you, the morning grew, bigger and brighter than days gone by,
We are one, so early, no birds, no light, just feelings and senses and sexual sight,
In the darkness i see you clear as mid day, we are happy, smiling, loving, flowing,
So high as we climax and the day dawned and we were there, sharing each other, showing love

The chirping sound of the birds, the click of the central heating,
The sound of our heavy breathing as I rest contented in your nook,
Love fills the bed, and we look into each others eyes, i cry a little,
For I have never known happiness so strong, so long, and i know, he is my morning sun.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Happy Shoe Year!

May your year be filled with smiles & laughter.

So...my boyfriend, ever the understanding & brilliant mind of the Murkie bought me a Shoe calendar for Xmas. Not just any calendar either, no...

This calendar has 365 shoes, one for each day. Actually it is a bit of a cheat, it is double sided adn the weekends share one pair, but what do i care? It’s ALOT of very good pictures of very fancy shoes. Thankfully, although somewhat regretfully on my part it is VERY difficult to use the index card to find out where to buy the shoes, as they are listed by design & photographer. Not shop!But all of this does not matter.

I get to feed my shoe fetish every day (not to be mistaken with foot fetish - euwww) with a new style, new opinion and occasionally, I am sure, a desperate desire to own said fancy foot wear.

And today was the first of those days.

So expect lots of updates throughout the year as I buy or cry over fabulous shoes that I really shouldn’t put in my wardrobe. But a girl can dream yes?

Jan 12th - Futuristic "Ultra Loop Bootie" with floating insole on carbon fiber heel.


This is the first sight of love for my feet in 2012. I wish these were mine, they are simply devine. Seriously though...I really want them.

Oh to the next turn of the page. Free me to another shoe, to view, coz my heart is wrenching gazing upon you, delightful futuristic shoe, oh you!

I think I love you, Shoe.