Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Python Sandals for Christmas

Finally I have gained back some self belief and found some inspiration to get writing again.

And what’s that inspiration I ask?

Well to be honest partly damn fine shoes and partly some damn good loving.

My beloved BF has been so very supportive of me lately. We have had some rough patches in our journey lately. And we have done really well at managing those patches and making sure we learn from every difficult situation. While we were learning we were healing. While we were healing we were hermits. But finally the hermitishness is slowly dissipating and we are standing united and in glory again.

So back to the shoes!

When I turned the page and saw these beauties, my urge to share my views with the world was renewed and completely restored. I just love them and want them and just a little bit need them. It has been quite a while since I splashed out on a fabulous pair of shoes...darling.

Chunky yet ornate, subtle yet great.
These tiered python skin design sandals are wonderful. They are everything I love in a sandal. They have a great platform, decorated to match the entire shoe and not just some alternate colour base at  odds with the rest fo the design. No. The python skin is even followed through on the perfect stiletto heal. And the way the tiered front of the sandal is piped in the same grey suede as the supporting straps and ankle strap AND the finishing edge around the insole is just perfection. The suede also looks soft and like it would snuggle into your toes.

They are stunning. I bet they are quite comfy too. I just wish I had a pair or two.

Silver python “Valentina” platform sandal with tiered design. Chrissie Morris 2010

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lost my mo-jo

I haven't been writing much lately.
Times have been hard, with one stress after another and I have been providing a lot of support and needing a lot of support.
The weird thing is when I sit down to write, I get very emotional and it prevents me from writing.
Those emotions are wide and various and at times most unwelcome.
But you have to acknowledge their power, and find a solution to a happier place.

I write from a special place in my heart that I believe is reinforced and supported by some kinda weird spiritual goblin elf who guides me through some of my imaginings. I know I never write alone. It is lifes experiences and my goblin elf who give me my magic power. Who help me conjure up creative worlds and funny sentences.
And lately my goblin has been gone.

so I am sorry if you are missing the shoe blogs...I have no inclination to put my views in a world so full of judgement and selfishness.

Right now I need to be there for my nearest and dearest.
And I need someone who can be there for me.

And then hopefully when that happens. I can be reunited with my mo-jo, my goblin elf and my self belief.

Love to you all

Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Wedding Shoes

15th November

Tango shoes in silver chrysanthemum brocade with silk laces, Carr Shoe co. 1925

My wedding shoes!! I don’t know why...maybe because I don’t want to gain to much height over BF if we ever tie the knot, maybe because I already have a 1960s boutique cream dress in my wardrobe that I see myself wearing...and maybe because I love the history and divine loveliness that these shoes portray.
But I look at these and think...mmmmMMMMMmmy wedding shoes. But it take two to Tango!

Shoes to stomp at work in

14th November
Iridescent leather ankle bootie with peep toe and turn-lock fastenings, Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010.

I am sure if I were able to look close enough and hold these shoes, turn them over in my hand and inspect them, I would find my name written all over them.
I simple adore these shoes. They feel like they should be in my shoe cupboard. Or even better on my feet. Although they are very special I think these are the kind of shoes I would stomp around in at work.
Feeling unique. Feeling strong. Power dressed.

They are quite wonderful. Except for that peep toe of course, but I must concede that it suits the shoe, looks proportionate and at work where the heating is always on 'roast degree' it would not matter.
Just tottering to the car through the puddles and the wind could be a bit disastrous.

Anyway the main body of the shoe looks like a soft brushed leather / suede with an inner cuff which has a green tinge to it from my eyes, mirrored around the edge of the peep toe.
I enjoy the iridescent leather wrap over thick chunky straps with the really unusual and interesting turn-lock buckles, reminds me a little of the locks you get on a handbag.

Perhaps I could find a fancy Italian briefcase to match both the leathers and the turn-lock? Its got to be worth a visit to Milan IN these shoes to find out. And finally that chunky overstated under support arch that leads to a nice straight stiletto heal. The height is reduced by the under support but it still remains feminine and pretty.

Why aren't they mine?

Sassy Sexy Sandal

Stiletto sandal with high back and chain straps, Guiseppe Zanotti Design, 2012
Now the shoes that were on the day for BFs birthday on  the 10th of November were so disgusting it really was not worth me wasting your time, dear reader, in blogging about them but these sexy beauties...
blinging their way to you on the 12th, just two days later are worth posting and boasting about.

I used to have these shoes! Obviously not by Guiseppe. And not with so many straps. And certainly not in gold. (although I agree with the original concept design here I would never be caught wearing gold)

Mine had four chain straps, backed in black velvet and only two of those ran around my ankle. I ran for a train in them once and before I knew it I had blood pulsing down both feet from the scratch of the zipper which had inconveniently dug into both heels as I ran. At the time rather painlessly but as I relaxed in the taxi because I missed the train – agony.

However these beautiful sandals are much more effectively designed, with a taller reaching array of straps, five no less and a considerate rounded back support with no zip in sight.
I love the sexy curvature of the heel and the simplicity of no zips, buckles or lace ups.
Just sandal and chain.
Beautiful. If only they came in chrome or brushed silver. But I cant have everything my way.

Almost the BFs birthday boot!

9th November

“Fold mid” ankle bootie with crossover construction, United Nude, 2010

Remind you of Tron?
These boots look like they are made of a thousand tiny rear view lights running around a race track.
I find them quite mesmerising, as if they are moving, even though I know they are not.
They also remind me of those African influenced craft paintings we used to make with tiny round ended sticks and just making patterns with dots. Very tedious, yet therapeutic work and the effect when you had finished (about a month later, depending on the size of your paper) was very striking.

And I think thats what these boots are. Very striking. The size, heel and shape is nothing particularly spectacular. Yet the red dot design is really quite captivating. I wish I could zoom focus around this picture and see how the fold over edge looks on the inside leg. But alas my calendar wont allow for such 3D functionality. I just have to be happy with the picture I’ve got and the internet to search where I can find them. Overall a good boot for the day before BFs birthday.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Remember remember

These delightful ankle boots demonstrate my point precisely.

Its bonfire night.
Remember... remember...the 5th of November.

You are going out with friends to watch the fire burn, crackle and roar.
You have everything wrapped up so you can stare at the skies, ooohing and ahhhing and the occasional over excited FUCKING WOW!!!

Your ears, hands, neck, head and cheeks (if your a balaclava kinda person) are all snugly wrapped up. perhaps in wool, fur or even eccentric silk organza ruffles.
everything is toasty.

They are peeping out of your November boots.
No manner of wooly socks will help.
The wind just howls in around them. (and anyway socks with peep toe shoes / boots is a killable offence)
Your toes are freezing. They cant see a thing. They retreat from the frost, like  a just touched snail into its shell. They curl up and die. They may be able to shuffle up to the fire and burn themselves warm by kicking a loose bit of wood onto the fire. but ultimately. These boots should have toes!!

What is wrong with these people?
Or at the least, if its not the fault of the people who designed these shoes (for all I know they could have made them in a small fabric outlet in Tahiti where it is considerably warmer) then it is the fault of the calender collective.
who puts peep toe shoes in the winter months?
Thats like your page three busty wearing santa nipple tassles at Easter. Or sticking a broom and a pointy black hat on baby Jesus in the manger.
Its all just seasonally wrong.

Conversely these boots are just right. Pretty. Clever. Innovative. Simple.
Just little lengths of shredded silk ruffle bands, making a lovely almost fur effect. Almost. you would need a lot more ruffled fur to keep your peeping toes warm tonight.

Dump Steam Punk & return to Funk.

Steam Punk?
Or just good old funk?

Steam Punk stuff is cool. However, you cant just shove a few rings or a bit of chain on something and call it Steam Punk.

Its gotta have cogs, coils. Old parts that used to form part of a working, moving mechanical engine. (hence the steam)

I can see why people think Steam Punk when they look at these boots. I understand.

Frankly it puts me off.

I prefer to think of these boots as...well...simply...Mine.

They are quite unusual in proportion. The skinny metal offset heal gives them a sense of delicacy, yet the fat high platform and white leather makes a more in your face statement. and the metal loops ande overlay on the heel is clever, simple, recyclable, and I love to imagine the jingle jangle these would make as you totter along.
Beautiful boots with sound. Not bad for the first of November.

Python leather "Botolim" boot with coiled metal heel and overlay, Javier Gaswcvo, 2008

How Shoe You Do!

Finally time for those shoes!

So, up first, the purple jelly pump.

O o no, jelly shoes.
Still not a fan. Are you?

But I will admit, this cute and almost demure pair of jellys, are quite...bearable?

I think its the purple that definitely pulls my eye. And I always life triple straps.
The heal shape is cute yet practical. But its plastic.
I cant imagine its comfy. Or your feet can breathe.
And its plastic.

But it deserves a mention. If not for my approval but to acknowledge that the plastic shoe is evolving! And because these are Vivienne Westwood.I think my view on them is ultimately... this space.

Because its plastic.

“Three straps elevated III” jelly pump, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa, 2010

I find this boot simply exquisite! 

Every dynamic about it appears proportionate yet glamorous. The cylindrical symmetry of the fur cuff and the way the bank of grey leather mirrors this symmetry. The heal is metal. How strong. Beautifully printed like a hexagonal stencil. It looks comfy, warm and stunning with a little bit of snow on them. I bet anyways.

Pretty alluring boot. 


Suede ankle boot with furry fold over cuff and printed metal stiletto, Diego Dolcini, 2010

My birthday shoes! 
Not at all glamorous. 
Not particularly sexy.
But they are bright. They are funky.
They are definitely great holiday shoes. And where was I on my birthday?
Egypt with BF and friends. 
It. Was. Awesome.
Mighty memorable moments.
The sights the smells. 
The fish the shells.
The sun the fun. 
The days and rays.
The love the lust the days went by.
Underwater sunshine.
Birthday smile.

Sadly through all of the days i did not have these shoes.
So I like them. The wooden wedges remind me a dozen different beach huts that holidays bring to you. 
Even straw hats and deckchairs. 
And I like the way the strap mirrors the wedge design with thin strips of woven leather in a range of tasteful colours.
These pretty and practical shoes would have been great on my holidays! And they are from the 70’s so I maybe could have looked them up!
Never mind, its something to put on the to-do list for the next birthday. Gotta have those birthday shoes!

Wooden wedge sandal with multi-coloured woven leather straps, Sarah James, late 1970s

Nylon “Ice cream girl” worn as ring of brooch, AtelierTed Noten, 2008

Now isn't this interesting! I LOVE IT!

A shoe ring! If I didn't have such a fantastic BF I would marry my shoes with this ring.
I cant work out if its called Nylon or its made of nylon? Must research!

But its a gorgeous homage to the delicacy and feminine beauty of shoes. 
How intricate. How divine. How pure.
Beautiful craftsmanship.
I am slightly disturbed by the pattern on the actual ring facia. Sadly it reminds me of a tyre. Ahh modern times influence.
But overall I gawk at this and wish it was mine. I wish, I wish, I wish. 
Or simply wish there were more hours in the day to just look at it over and over.
<insert satisfied sigh>

I love this boot but I really wish it wasn't a peep toe. 
I can only imagine it must have been made by someone who lives in a country that is warm. Totally appropriate for boots to have a peep toe when it doesn’t rain for most of the year or snow every winter. Or get really cold most nights. 
Not a good look being out in amazing footwear and your feet being frozen.
Everything else I admire. 
The large strips of alternating colour  of snakeskin and visible finishing stitch. 
I love the name for the tassle, “Comet Tassle”. Brilliant. 
Sky high boots then.
Sadly down with a thump when you wear them out in Scotland and later find yourself in A&E with frostbite.

Please make them again Jerome without the peep toe!

Pieced snakeskin “Comet Tassle” boot with peep toe, Jerome C Rousseau

Another amazing python skin shoe.
Its cool and funky. You know it!
This one really does look like strips of snake simply collected into a shoe. And it has velvet too. 
What more could you want?
Nice side buckle. 
Nice use of bronze and black.
A classic LB sandal for wearing with any classic LBD.

“Avery” black velvet and bronze python sandal, Sophie Gittins, 2010

Suede stiletto boot with chain laces and faux sock, Giuseppe Zanotti, 2010

These boots have given me inspiration. 
I love the idea of lacing your boots up with jewellery  
These gold chains are just the beginning! 
You could add so much to each chain.
Trinkets. Pendants. Charms.
Like a Pandora boot lace.
Hmmm...its got me thinking.
But before i disappear and make my own version of this boot. 
I've got to ask...
What the feck is that feux sock all about?

Hooray for catching up to October!!
October was a good month for shoes! And so it bloody should be, seeing as its my birthday and all. 

Not that i purchased any shoes.
But then I did go to Egypt instead!”

And hooray for unusual space station angular healed yet curvy cut out boots.
And hooray for that simple silver button.
And they are peep toe! Who would have thought it?
Oh so contrary!!
But I maintain – you will get chilly feet up North, but these ankle boots, i think, were made for the summertime. 
Or a warm podium.
Either way. They are very cool. 
Cyber Pilot Pole dancing boots. For sure. 

Distressed silver leather bootie and textile inset and angular heal, Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010

Monday, 29 October 2012

Love vs Shoes

Imagine yourself having been on a great adventure and you are cheerful and excited to be almost home. You have so much to digest. Such inspiration for the times ahead. And so many memories.
You slide into the room sideways to be greeted by a few eager listeners, friends.
You slide in spraying dirt everywhere, with a bottle of Bolly in one hand and a camera in the other, yelling “woohooo.” You are in love.

Well if you can imagine that, then you will see me.

You will see where I have been so long. And why the shoe blogs have been gone.

Now I am bumped back to reality after a mini adventure. Best part is, it’s not over yet, I’m only half way through but I stopped abruptly (sorry about the flying dirt) to catch up on my shoe blogs.

I mean, come on? Really? A shoe lover such as I am and I am not turning the pages on my shoe calendar!

But truly life has been a fantastic whirl of togetherness and happiness with the BF that I have hardly even looked at my shoe calendar!

Another reason for this is, I have mentioned previously in an earlier blog. That reason being our swanky new office is right up the top of the house, so I don’t now pass my shoe calendar on a daily basis. So I’m not seeing the shoe, to remind me of shoes and to burst an opinion on said shoe. So that must change for a start!
There, that’s the shoe calendar relocated to downstairs where I eat breakfast!

Now on with the shoes. Or is it the show?

Life has been a good show lately. No lottery. No prizes. No surprises – great. So it’s been kind. And at lots of moments along the way. Truly wonderful. We have had holidays, new & interesting hobbies, completion of garden project, parties and plenty of time to ourselves. PLENTY.
This is the first time in years we have had weeks of time together without any kids. Without anything other than each other. It’s been mental. magical. marvelous and very sexy at times.

So now you know, why no shoe  blogs!

But now I’ve skidded to another existance. As we get back into the swing of work. Our new home rota and exercise regime. We are enjoying being together. Pottering. Writing. Reading. Snuggling. Letting the winter draw in around us. We do odd jobs together and then reward ourselves with snuggles.

Tonight, my particular odd job is to catch up on my shoe blog. Just get on with it then girl!

But now that’s BF finished his odd job now and I haven’t written a word about shoes. Just love.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Early morning catch up

Apologies for not being so up to date with the shoe blogging of late, usually exciuse of ebing busy. I’ve also noticed that since our office has been moved to the beautiful empire that we have built nin my attic space, i tend to spend less time up there!
Its not coz i don’t like the room. Oh contraire! I love it. But its up a lot of stairs, and most nights, when i am exhausted from working my day job, keeping on top of a household, fulfilling hobbies and giving up some time to creatively help others, i just cant be arsed to separate myself from the 'couch of rest' and walk up a million stairs to sit at a computer.

Sorry blog reader. (is there more than one of you yet?)

But this morning I awoke from a reasonable sleep and thought, Get UP! Get On IT!
I admit I have a couple more shoes to catch up on, but I have to go to real job. That pays.

so here are a few for now...enjoy!

Shameful Leopard Sandal

24th September

Leopard print suede “Viti “ Sandal with classic ankle strap, Jerome C Rousseau.

It surprises me that i like these shoes, because I am not a cat print fan. Giraffe (fake of course) – yes! Snakeskine – yes! Leopard, tiger...hmmm – not so keen.
However i must admit I have a few items in my eclectic wardrobe. The odd scarf, a cow print skirt, some giraffe trousers  (my favourite animal) so I cant admit to being without a little touch of animal print in my life.
But I’m also known to having an aversion to the current need to adorn yourself in leopard print leggings, shirts and scarf’s. All at once. And some of the animal print shoes are just nasty.
But these little beauties I love.
Is it the fact the shape is quite delicate and charming? The fact the black elastic offsets it and tones it down into a more tasteful design?
Or the fact it has an interesting wrap around elastic strap?
Whatever it is I like it and admit if it was in my price range i would buy it.
But its one to go in the “not good enough” pile to warrant me spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on it.
Shame for the leopard too.

Retro Festie' Boots

21st September

Awwww these shoes simply remind me of my dear old mum. Goodness bless her, we miss her so much.
And these boots were made for her. She would have loved them. Hated the price tag but ecstatically accepted it if I bought them for her.

Mum was forever getting converse or doctor marten boots from charity shops and painting them up herself. Some were awesome, some were awful. But i loved the fact that it was what my mum done.
I made clothes. She painted her boots.

However I drew the line the day she painted her crocs. And demanded she never wore them in either my company or outside of the garden.
Simply put I love these boots, I would wear them but I am not sure if its because I truly like them or because they make me think of my mum. Either way they are delightful and definitely festival gear. And they are retro baby!
Hand painted leather boots, late 1900s.

Toy Shoe Sale

19th September
Ever wondered what to do with all those broken toys you have around the house? Kids or no kids you know you have them! Kinder egg toys, cracker inners, freebies with stuff, unwanted gimmick gifts...just stuff that’s stuffed in drawers labelled stuff.
Well why not stick them to a shit pair of shoes and call it fashion?
That’s clearly what happened here. 
I do enjoy the inspiration but the rocking thronged sandal doesn’t not look comfortable or flattering.
They caught my attention for being...can you guess...yes! quirky! 
But then I studied them longer and decided no.
No these are just stupid.
Leather “Toys on sole” rocking platform sandal, with sculptured thong, Naam Ben

Geodesic Green Shoes

17th September

These shoes, are by BFs favourite colour for many things (mountain bike, rucksack, VW campervans & thermos flasks.)
They also appeal to his technical nature as they are of a geodesic design. And they appeal to me coz they are just plain zany.
I like the shape particularly and would love to wear these if I were viewing a Geodesic dome home.
Just to show my admiration for the mathematical structuring. But that is where my appreciation for anything related to mathematics sadly, NO! happily begins and ends.

Usually that appreciation is associated with the cost of and how much i love the shoes, based on beauty vs bargain. However I will proudly admit that the little bit of maths influence demonstrated through these shoes I find rather pleasing. The strap could have been a bit for thematically adventurous. But i suspect the designer hopes that what the straps lack in presentation, the colour gains.
I would buy them, but as much as he likes them, my BF wont. So he says....
Green “Lo Res” Geodesic plastic pump made with 3-D printing technique, United Nude.

Art Deco Python Heel

10th September

Python me rigid!
This shoe bites me!
Its so desirable, so well designed, such a nice blend of metallic, complimented with black piping and a very well thought out and effective style.
I love the edgy peep-toe and heel detail.
I adore the metallic python material and the height and the platform all make this a favourite for Septembers shoe calendar.
I’m away on holiday in October and would dearly love to take these shoes with me, but sadly no generous millionaires read this blog...
Metallic python and black leather “Metropolis Line” peep-toe pump, Chrissie Morris.

Mens Cuban Shoe printed with kinky boots

6th September
The first man shoe that has come to my attention! And its a great shoe with pictures of womens boots in Andy Warhol stylie. These have to be an expression of interest in the ladies leg if ever I’ve seen one. Paying homage to the kinky boot or simply wishing to be in a pair, these Cuban heals are proudly chic and dandy.
Get them on guys!
Digitally printed leather “Crowley” Oxford with Cuban heal, Jeffrey-West.

Super Hero Boots on Fire

Crackle crinkle snap blare boom!

That is the sound of me landing in these boots from my Universe of hot chickadees from planet Fire where I have just saved the lives of millions by kicking my boots and firing flames across all the baddies.
In all reality I would not, however, need to be a super hero to wear these boots. But it may help.
But aren’t they fantastic?
Would you not just feel like a wild girl on fire? Im so hot I sizzle!
I love them.
Can you tell?
Gotta go over some skinny jeans and a bodice. And a gold headband...

Mulitleathered “winged” platform boot, Jan Jansen

Monday, 3 September 2012

Another bling day for the sting ray

Black stingray shoe with cut out vamp and zipped quarter, Diego, Dolcini, 2010.

Todays shoe is bliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
And guess what? It’s more of that sting ray material.

I may have declared my favourite shoe of the year already (yet to be surpassed – the Morphogenesis organic wonder) but if this year was a fabric it would be sting ray.

And these fabulous shoes are designed such that they would make any foot look dainty. Something about that undercut platform that makes the arch looks especially high and the toe especially short. Beautiful styling.

I love the cut out vamp and the quarter zip – cute!
But most of all I love them because they are shiny.
Gimme gimme gimme gimme Stingray!

Snake strap shoe

27th August 20120

Platform shoe in snake embossed leather, Jan Jensen, 2011 

Well here is a shoe with a an unusual tail.
How does that ankle strap work? Does it strike out at other inferior shoes as you pass? Does it wrap itself around your ankle and constrict you until your foot falls off? Or does it simply look fabulous and sleekit slithering around your leg?

What ever the answer I would wear these beauties with pride.
I love the modern large stiletto, the platform with piped insert, the blue snake skin leather and especially I love the red tongue like flares. You got to wear these shoes with a dress or a skirt, who would want to cover up these tongues just waiting to lick you into a toxic frenzy?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cat walk wedge

Leopard print pony-skin covered wedge ankle boot, Giuseoppe Zanotti, 2010.

Now these leopard print boots are not especially to my liking but they demonstrate a couple of points...

1. My mad cap CD friend LOVES them and pointed them out to me in a shop the other day. I sneered a little and said, “yeah ok-ish” thinking “OMG! Girl. Trampy!”
2. Considering these boots were on the cat walk in 2010 it has taken just two years for them to be available at a cheap shoe shop in Scotland for just £12.99

Now, I have no doubt these have been available in London or even Carlisle for over a year at various prices. And probably not many places are they real pony skin. But it does make me kinda sad that fashion designs are copied and bastardised to the extent where you can purchase it in your local Factory shoe outlet. Is nothing sacred?
I know we all like (and deserve) to get versions of what we see on the cat walk onto the high street, so we can all afford that cat walk look. But I do wonder why does it happen to everything? Why cant some things remain elusive, special, expensive and out of reach? Where is the yearning? The desire for that one item, that one pair of shoes (not these by the way – god knows why i am making this point with these frankly, hideous boots) but my point is... Sometimes I would like to see some of the fabulousness creasted for the cat walk stay fabulous in the designer shops. I can save like a bitch and buy myself something thats real, not fake. Something thats got quality not quantity written all over it.
And that when I can wear proudly out on the town and I don’t come face to face with someone round the corner in a cheap factory Shoe shop version.
Rant over.

Tartan bootie what a beauty!

Oh how I wish the picture of this boot had 3D zoom!

I just know I would adore the hook and eye detail down the front. I love a bit of a tartan shoe, nothing to do with living in Scotland I can assure you, because I am not a great lover of tartan table cloths, kilts, tam-o-shanters or bag pipes (ouww my ears!) but I do love a bit of tartan clothing. I have a fantastic pair of trousers I bought in London over 16 years ago before I moved to the Bonnie North, which I purchased from a retro shop in a punk section. They have the obligatory zippers and chains on them and I still have them now, even though they don’t fit fully around my tubby waist (one day again maybe?)
But to me they are a piece of history, and art.

Anyway these boots fascinate me as they are a little contradictive. The tartan suggests punk and strength and aggression, while the thin stiletto heal, the peep toe and the snmall eye to hooks suggest something a little more seductive and delicate. I enjoy the combination. Must get me a pair of these!
Tartan print peep-toe “omega” bootie with hook and eye detail, Jerome C. Rousseau, 2010.

Clog Blog!

I don’t know why but I have always had a soft spot for clogs.

Not those plastic obscenities people where with holes in them & disgusting add on badges and stupid bright colours, crocs. They can burn in hell. I like clogs. Proper chunky stomp about clogs.

And these denim studded clogs are just the ticket for me. Who knows how comfy they would be?

But I bet they make a satisfying wooden clack noise when you walk. In a strange surreal way they also remind me a little of an old chair by the fire place, i think its the wood and the studding.

Either way, these Denin platform clog with brass studs by United Kingdom from the early 1970s are divine and I would love them in my shoe collection as top clog dog.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Whistle Stop Shoes!

Well people its going to be a whistle stop tour of a whole load of shoes. I was away working on our local festival creations, then we were on our holidays down South in my beloved campervan, with my beloved camperman! And tomorrow I am heading to Loch Lomond for my birthday treat holiday with a best pal. Really, I just can’t stop going on holiday. And the campervan makes it so easy!!

A the collection mentioned below are from shoes from ‘The Shoe Calendar’ that have taken my eyes and my heart from July 16th until the 6th August. Enjoy!

So first up is the Orange ikat “Viola” crossed-strap sandal with black napa trim from A Sophie Gittins, 2011.
I love this shoe because it makes me think of those Mongolian loners who live in yurts and eat nothing but yak meat. These people spend most of their lives hugging and touching each other, they are a very close tactile people, their families have no issues with intimacy or contact. And these shoes make me feel like I have one of their scarves wrapped tight around me. Mongolia cuddle shoes!

Now these little darlings are also quite sexy.
I love the see through zig zag lace and brown leather partitions, just enough of both materials to really punch my buttons and the teeniest of peep toes for a little polished toe or two. Nicholas Kirkwood, Lace platform stiletto with metallic leather zigzag has got this high heeled beauty just right for me.
I can see myself wearing these with a nice slinky pair of jeans or a LBD. They are simply sassy.

Funny how things grow on you isn’t it?
Well actually it would be damn weird if a pair of shoes actually grew on your foot and very prohibiting for the rest of your shoes, but wedges have really wheedled there way into my world of shoes.
I first bought a pair 8 years ago...The only pair I owned for the last eight years.
And even though they have come and gone in fashion i have not bought any more. Neither have they turned my eye. But this year? BOOM!
I am loving the wedges. I valiantly stopped myself from buying a pair last week that were priced at £69.99...which I thought was really good of me. But then along came these little rainbows of strappy heaven and I am smitten again. I think its the playfulness of the colours and the punkyness of the straps. Whatever it is, I love these Mulitleather wedge sandal with dual buckle and zip quarter by Diego Dolcini but I just know they will be more then £69.99

Now these pair of shoes remind me of a special lady in my life who has a penchant for all things black and all things blingy. These shoes remind me of her. She would love these Stilletto sandals with rhinestone buttons and leather straps by Giuseppe Zantotti Design.

And to be quite honest I can imagine me and her in a pair each, cross over the straps, dancing in laps, sharing the rhinestones and loving the naughty but nice status of these little honeys.

Now these next shoes are not just special because they are so damn retro and colourful, nor are they special because they are groovy and suitable for anyone, including clowns. But they are ALSO special because they appear on a Saturday and Sunday page of this shoe calendar. Until now, apart from the odd pair I have made fun of, the shoes that appear on a weekend page have been mostly absolutely disgusting, or non descript or just plain weird. There is definitely a colourful theme going on as until these funky ankle boots a lot of the shoes were reminiscent of Inca moccasin boots or Mongolian snow boots. Big and clunky with lots of fur and the obligatory colours. Built for warmth not style nor finesse. So there must have been a theme for the guys who put the weekend shoes together. But i have to say i like these. They are the kind of fun boot I would wear for comfort, happy that they put rainbows on the end of my feet. Literally.
Ankle Boot with open topline, contrast inset colourblock design, and EVA sole, Renate Volleberg, 1987.

“Mechanical war” art shoe with heel of mechanical elements, Jackie Janowski.
Mechanical war shoes?? Whoa!!
Take me to war, I want a pair of these shoes! 
Oh ok then, take me to an art gallery and I will wear these shoes then.
I just crave them. 
I must admit I have a thing for the quirky and especially chunky shoe, have you noticed? 

So how groovy are these! Such an amazing concept, not war, that could have been omitted. You could align these shoes with the modern day steam punk styling. These are the kind of shoes you build your outfit around, not wear to add little pizzazz, these are the pizzazz! And like so many other spikey healed vicious weapon shoes these chunky mothers could cause some damage if you ever got into a situation where you need to kick, pump and grind someone to a twisted pulp. And if not used for protection you can always use some of the mechanical elements for random DIY projects around your house. Cool!

Now these. Mmmmm these. 
I shudder at the thought that i don’t actually own these. 
Surely these delightful crystal studded bootie with open design and stiletto heal by Giuseppe Zanotti Design were actually made for me. I am bloody sure these are Blueloublou studded booties.
I’ve said it before but I must say it again...
I love them.
I want them.
I miss them now i know they exist and I don’t actually own them. For they are beauty booties.
I can devour with my eyes the swirling cut out design and when i cast my eyes on the gorgeous shimmer blue crystals I just want to count each crystal, one by one, touch them a little bit and exhale seductively. 
These boots were made for walking. Walking right out the shop, hopping on the nearest train and coming home to my hand. Where i will love them endlessly and put them on my feet every day.
Come to mamma!

And last but by no means least are these spectacular beauties. 
They are strange. They are huge. 
They are do I say it...quirky! 
But I just know, no matter how much I try to pretend otherwise, were I in a shop with these I would leave with them. 
The colour is simply fantastic, turquoise shimmer I am going to call them. And i enjoy the unusual step out on the inner of the stiletto. And this step out mirrored from the cut into the shape of the platform. Clever  touch. The peep toe and sweeping open front is delightful, with the criss-cross lace ties. Really pretty, charming  and with a little bit of a growl.

Sculptural lace-up shoe with carved heel and platform, Nicholas Kirkwood.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Festival Season

Hey my lovely blog readers!

I am unable to continue with my posts on this weeks shoes as I am out of the house making and building at the Wickerman festival.
I shall critique the shoes upon my return and write up anything of great beauty or fugliness.
Murkie and I have spent the last week running around, last minute prepping and doing 'stuff' in a bid to be ready to rock and roll in a field with our crew.
The work starts tomorrow, the party starts Thursday.
I just hope my recently removed wisdom teeth holes heal up, and the antibiotics start to work as I feel crappy from the infection which has crept up into my ears, around my eye socket and down my throat.
Its yucky and it hurts when I do a lot of fun things like, smoke, laugh, smile & jiggle.
Which I hope to be doing a lot of this week.
So come on penicillin do your best! Get me back to fighting best!
let the work go well so we can all rest.
before the partying starts and I am a mess!!!

See you in a week fellow bloggers.
Much love and smiles across the muddy field miles.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bond Boots

At first sight these denim clad boots seem quite plain.
The proportion is good, the structure and the style.
But then you notice the metal trim finish almost protruding from the front toe edge, rather like a cake ribbon or a skirting board.

Complimented by the extra metal chunk on the bottom inch of the skinny heal. And you think to yourself, “now there’s a good pair of kickers!”
Or perhaps a similarity can be drawn to the hideous slash and stab nickname of the infamous ‘footbal knife’, these boots would enable you to make a healthy punt and dunt in your assailant.
Other than some beautifully designed self protection these boots offer simple elegant denim design. And for the extra bonus of the protective metal front and heels I name these boots Bond. Boots Bond.

Denim-finish eather “Cantini” ankle boot with metal trim, Jerome C Rousseau, 2010.

Aztec beauties

Well hello there beautiful Aztec shoe!
Just look at you.
All pretty and delicate yet chunky based too.

I want to wear you with snakeskin knickers & bra and nothing else!
Travel down the Niagara on a throne in a boat rowed by my minions.

Or stand aside the great pyramid deciding who will go into my great crypts, my long multi layered dress flowing in the wind, the sun browning my skin.

This shoe takes me away to a place I have never been but can dream of. A place where people have the time to make teeny things into even smaller mosaics. Where the buildings are impressive and so is the jungle. There are columns and sand blasted relics and me standing among the lot parading around in these shoes (and the afore mentioned long flowing dress, not just my undies)
I want to wear these shoes and dress as an Amazon princess, an Egyptian bride. The only thing that worries me about these stunning shoes, is the calling they will bring to those that love to wear animal print. And I shudder at the idea of these being combined with leopard or tiger print dresses. Its just got to be no. Undies or flowing dresses. That’s all.

 “Saffi” suede and lizardskin platform sandal, Chrissie Morris, 2010.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Growling beaded sling back


Now here is a mean pair of ‘in your face stilettos’ that have some presence and character about them.
These shoes demand attention and from me, they certainly get it!

I love these shoes.
Everything about them makes my eyes skip about their design in joy.
The chunky bead trim on the platform sole, the grey tartan flare over the front of your foot, the peep toe for painted toes to just ‘peep’ through (with outfit coordinated minx toe polish of course!) and the tall slender heel. As well as all that they are suede too. Comfy!

All this adds up to a perfect combination that just makes me want to run to the shops for a pair.

And I was beginning to think that the shoes in June from this shoe calendar were a bit dull. And along came this growling devil! I find it cleverly bold yet not ostentatious.

Great design.

Suede slingback with bead-trimmed platform, Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010.

Banana Slippers

Are you hungry?
Hungry for shoes?
Hungry for a banana?

Now this shoe is quirky but surely wrong?

I love the humour in it.

The soft comfortable kidskin interior and the styling is just fabulous.
But one does wonder where would you wear it?
On the set of a fruit and veg advert?
On stage as part of your jesters costume?

They are great fun but rather ironic. Think of all the slipped on a banana skin jokes! Or perhaps that’s just the point? Perhaps these are simply slip-pers?
Leather “Banana” mule with white contrast kidskin interior, Kobi Levi, 2010.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Plastic fantastic

Fridays shoe has come along way from the plastic sandals I recall being forced to wear on summer holidays back in the 80’s! ‘Jello’ sandals we called them, (pictured below). They came in all sorts of semi-transparent plastic colours but my mum bought me clear! With socks, this was not a good look. And they were blooming uncomfortable too.
Recently ‘Jello’ shoes made a comeback, (if you can call it that) in cheap shoes shops and pound shops across the nation. However, maybe because I didn’t spend enough time at the beach during this resurgence or maybe because I don’t watch kid’s feet much, they just didn’t seem to catch on as well as they had in 80’s. 

And the current ones had glitter added into the plastic too! 
But still no appeal.

But this plastic sandal is from a new era, (pictured above). This strappy slingback sandal with pin heal, by Mellissa and Jean Paul Gaultier (2010) is rather nice. 
I'm not so sure about the colour, I would as always go for something more striking yet this subtle orange gives it a less garish and more classic look. 
And I bet it looks beautiful with a lightly tanned foot balanced inside it. And waterproof too!
I’ll have two!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Room 101

Remember room 101?

The place where things you don’t like get put forever more. To no longer bug you or drive you insane? The room where all the rubbish thing go?

Well our B&B room in Aboyle should have been put into room 101, never mind being numbered 101. 
Not quite a dive but certainly a huge disappointment. The location was fabulous, a good hours drive from Aberdeen where we had spent our day wandering around an Energy conference, being inspired by renewable technologies, green solutions and environmental ethics. We had languished on Aberdeen’s stunning beach for a couple of hours, had Orio milkshakes at TGI Fridays and a lovely lunch. We then drove out the city to our B&B with high hopes of a summers evening, an early night and some drinks at our Hotel.

On arrival the place looked idyllic. The hotel sat across the road from a large village green with a picturesque church, parish, graveyard and beautiful houses. There was a few small shops, one of which was actually a candlestick maker! Sadly no butcher or baker.

On entering the hotel my first warnings sign were alerted by a number of small things. The stains on the managers shirt, the tartan carpet, the smell of OAPs and a receptionist with the ugliest stained yellow front teeth which although she never once smiled at me were stuck out like a barrier. I took a deep breath, remembered that this had been a cheap option on and that we were too exhausted to travel on.

Our room, when we reached it, was number 101 and was basically the last corner of the roof of the hotel converted into an attic room. It was roasting hot, the cracked window would not stay open until i wedged it with a Giddeon Bible. About the only thing I would do with a Bible really. Being a big book full of shit its quite handy for jamming in, on or under things.

The bed was hideously uncomfortable. It sagged in the middle like a poor hammock, squeaked and moaned with every muscle movement and was so tired the springs poked through at you. The shower had two controls. Hot or Off. The cold water tap didn’t work and the toilet had a knack to flushing which took good ole BF about eight goes to master. 

The TV had no remote! I mean, how lazy are we that we were disappointed at having to get up and change the measly four channels manually? But surely it is common practice now for hotels to provide remotes so one can enjoy a lazy bit of tv viewing from the bed without having to keep getting up. Or is it a luxury? Either way it was something this place could not afford.

Deciding we were too exhausted to complain immediately, having been up since 5am, we stripped off our clothes, scolded ourselves in a quick shower, (BF actually cowering in the bottom of his to reduce the heat) and then we laid naked on our banana bed for some relaxation and snoozing. 

As luck would have it BF and I did more than snooze. We bonded. We discussed issues old and new, we cried and laughed, we hugged and snuggled. We spent a couple of hours refreshing our love and understanding for each other. And then a strange thing happened, i did not want to move rooms. In such a short space of time it had changed from hell to haven. It was his company, our intense connection that gave the room a sentimental feeling to us. We knew it as silly, but we just were not that bothered any more.

We went down to the bar about 7pm. Had one drink in the garden, felt extremely woozy and tired, took a refreshing walk around the village green and then went straight back to our bed. After all, it was a cheap stop over to break up our journey and we were physically and mentally exhausted.

Room 101 and the bed within broke our backs. And just to make sure we were up early and knew it, housekeeping banged on our door and tried to get in at 8:30am! I was astounded. So we went to breakfast, which was equally disappointing and crammed full of OAPs. We picked at what looked edible and  enjoyed our cigarette in the garden much more than the food.

On returning to our room to get ready for the glorious summers day ahead, we both got naked and risked the shower again, only to have housekeeping almost walk in on us, again! What is it with this place? By now I was bristling to get all this out to the manager. 

And then i found the comments card – so in it all went.

We packed up the car and prior to payment I spoke to the manager –
“I have to say we have had a very disappointing stay...” and I listed all the things that were wrong. He made apologies for the water, which is being sorted on Monday (apparently) and listened to our complaints about the bed, shower etc. 
However, it was the housekeeping staff trying to get into our room twice that really riled him. His eyes lit up with anger and then disappointment, although he tried to hide it. He then offered us a massive discount, bringing our stay in room 101 to just £30. Not bad for a bit of a whinge. 

And boy were we delighted to be back in our own bed that night!

Kinky Combat boot

On first glance I thought this gorgeous boot was going to be another snakeskin effect, that i seem to have been so drawn to this year. But its not. Its fake. Its leather. 

But it looks good in the green snakeskin mimic pattern doesn’t it?
Everything else about this boot is classy and perfect. 
The heal height, the metal eyelet loops, the long lace up, the platform and the boot length – to the knee. 

It just screams PUT ME ON AND WHIP ME!

This green “Over the knee leather lace up stiletto ‘Combat’ boot” by Stuart Weitzman 2010", is to die for. 

I absolutely love it although i am not sure why its a combat boot? Perhaps for cat woman, or a reptilian super hero but I don’t think I would go into combat with these boots on. No sir! These are for the dance floor, the bedroom and for looking damn hot in. However they would look good with a short dress up army girl costume wouldn’t they? 

But then that’s just letting the kinky boots take over.

Left, right, left, right, all night long...

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tranny Boot

I know a girl who knows a boy who knows another boy who likes to dress up as a girl who would LOVE these boots.
Even I love these boots. I don’t know why. Call me prissy, if you will. Or girly, if you dare. But these studded pretty boots have a quality and style about them that I would loving wear upon my feet.

Yes, they are quite feminine and I am usually known for my love of things with presence, chunk and growl. But these boots must bring out a lighter, more delicate side in me.

The whole boot is very proportionate. I love the way the lacing doesn’t come down too far and the top strap is very thick, covering the untidiness of a regular tied...dare I say it...Bow tied lace. And the studding is precise yet not too punk, delicate yet not too bling.

I just love them.
And as my tranny friend would definitely say, "Honey they are simply divine!"

Every time i look at them and think of him, dressed as her, in these shoes with the most delightful smile on her face. They make me happy and I know they would make her happy too.

Studded suede lace-up spiked-keeled boot with buckles, Giuseppe Zanotti Design, 2010.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Hip Hop Flip Flop

May 18th
Flippy floppy hip hoppy.

What a beautifully stylish way to make a flip flop.
I love how the thick snake print strap is aligned in such a position it is also the main structural heel. It does indeed make the shoe look like it is floating without a heel.
I enjoy the simplicity of the design and how the toe loop is in the same snake print material, making this a completely co-ordinated piece.

I would wear this with a summer evening dress or hanging out with my mates in my baggy arab trousers. Its stylish enough to be a posh sandal but cool enough to be hip flip.

I adore this hip hop flip flop.
Snake-print leather “Loop Hi” sandal with floating heel, United Nude, 2010

Monday, 14 May 2012

Python skin wedge

11th May

I’m not usually mad for wedges but this lovely little shoe by Diego Dolcini is so pretty and I love the python material on the wedge so much, that I fell in love.

Is their enough love in that sentence?

It’s a nicely proportionate shoe, with delicate metallic T bar strap and matching edging around the sandal front. I think the large blue and metallic flower petals provide a complimentary scale to the wedge heel.

Overall i really enjoy looking at this shoe, it’s gorgeous material all over and the style. I can’t often resist a T Bar shoe and this one is no different. Although a little surprised I have fallen for a wedge, I am not surprised as I adore the python skin. And for someone with a recovering sprain injury, it’s all the support I need from a glamorous heeled shoe.

Python wedge-heeled sandal with oversize leather flower, Diego Dolcini. 2010

Sling Shot Shoe

May 9th

Now I've heard of people using their stilettos as weapons but this one really does have that in mind.

Its quirky, I will give it that but I do wonder if it would be wearable? Heeled flip flops are not the most easiest of shoe to keep on your foot. But then maybe that’s not the point of this shoe. Its not for walking about in, its for standing in...demurely, being driven about in and when the moment arises, attacking someone with small rocks you have hidden in your equally quirky hand bag.

Maybe this is the shoe for James Bond’s girlfriend?

Leather and wood Sling Shot thong sandal. Kobi Levi, 2010

Window shopping show stopper.

7th May

I have to admit, there isn’t anything particularly spectacular or stunningly unusual about this shoe. But I just had to include it in my collection because I would definitely buy it if I had the chance.

I just love the rusty orange colour, the slim platform and heel and the criss cross style of the shoe. I especially enjoy the three ankle straps and the delicate one right across the bridge of the foot.

All in all this is the kind of shoe that if i saw it from a shop window, it would stop me in my tracks, I would head inside, try it on and buy it. Presuming I could afford it that is!

I don’t know what it is but it has that certain something that makes me go – I want it! 

Suede platform stiletto with patent leather ankle straps, Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010.