Friday, 21 October 2011

What everyone wants.

Everybody wants to be desired, everyone wants to be hot,

To send your dearest into pangs of lust, whip it out and show what you’ve got

Sometimes the desire is lonesome, a long way away from its mate,

Other times desire is everywhere, sated, attentive and great!

Everyone wants to be cherished, to be lovingly kissed everywhere,

For the one that you love not able to stop, til your body explodes in the air,

Sometimes the cherished take over their lust, the devoured becomes the devouree,

But mostly the cherished cherish each other with happiness, spunk and glee

Everyone wants to be adored, admired from across the room,

The seductive gaze that puts you in a daze and thinking of making love soon,

Sometimes the adoration is subtle and soft, quite magical, fully entrancing,

But always it should make your heart skip a beat, your pulse throbbing and dancing.

Everyone wants to be loved forever, loved for being just who you are

To hear your name on another’s lips, be the one, feel like a superstar

Sometimes the love is consuming, sometimes it grows on its own,

To be cherished, adored, desired or loved, no matter what just don’t go it alone.

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