Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Time became a loop: Time became a loop

Ever had that round and round and round feeling of frustration?
Been trying to get someone to sort a fairly minor issue out that takes them a major amount of time to comprehend?
When you get asked so many questions before you can proceed with the issue you just KNOW its going to be escalated to someone with a bit more expertise and yet more questions?
Or the day you spend trying to convince someone in IT support that their website isnt working and you do know what you are talking about?
I've had that kind of day.

I've been trying to change my password on for almost a month now. Initially when I began this simple process the site got caught in a loop sending me back and forth between the log in page and the accounts page. I thought it was something I had done wrong and also requested a new password. However, once this had arrived I tried it, and quickly realilsed it was the site, not me.

Stuck in a loop. Stuck in a loop.

Being quite a popular site I figured, fire off a quick email and they will have it fixed in no time.


I got emails from 'user support' (at which i scoff!) saying try it a few times it will work!!! The advice of a newb for sure! yeah coz the log in page decides when its going to work randomly. I disagreed and resolved to return to the issue once they had fixed the issue.

I was told the issue was fixed. I tried to log in. It wasnt.

I waited a week.I tried to log in. It wasnt fixed.

I waited another week. I tried to log in. It wasnt fixed.

I tried again today and emailed them again today.

I was told "After a few attempts at logging in, your account will work. I am aware that this will be an inconvenience and I would like to offer my assurances that our web development team is working hard to rectify the issue as soon as possible."

...yeaaaaaah riiiiight...

Did it?

Time became a loop: Time became a loop
Time became a loop: Time became a loop
Time became a loop: Time became a loop

No it didnt of course.

So I ranted at them. Awaiting newbs response.

How long does it take to fix such an issue?

Laterooms. No wonder!

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