Monday, 25 April 2011

Making a move

Still waiting...the clocks keep ticking, life goes on, trials and tribulations, bills keep rising, grass keeps growing and all while knowing that change is just around the corner!

How long have we been waiting on moving now? 6 months, 7 months? We sold my mum’s house last autumn and stupidly thought finding a house and buying it would be the easy part. Silly billies. We originally had decided on a beautiful fully finished slightly extravagant house 1 mile out of our preferred zone. We all fell in love with its decadent charm, its turret, its Jacuzzi bath and log burning stoves. However some form of sensibility took Murkie and I through a financial exercise and although we knew we could afford the mortgage, when you added up everything else we soon realised that if we wanted spare money to play with, to snowboard with and holiday on, money to buy treats for the kids and toys for the adults then this could not be the house for us.

We made a practical decision, the first one in years, and let the big house go. Find a small town house, on the doorstep of work and school. That’s what we needed. Something cheap and cheerful. Something that would put money back in our pockets! Not so easy. But then suddenly we found somewhere that fitted our criteria. We viewed, we liked, we offered. It wasn’t ‘the one’, it wasn’t our dream home. But it had everything we needed and we knew we would not be here for longer than five years, so we set our hearts on it and we started the battle of the deeds.
And this went on for months. Haggle this, haggle that. Demanding, deciding, slipping, and sliding. Taking money from Peter to pay to Paul. Finally it all fell through. Back to square one. Deals undone.

We looked at more houses. Nothing fit. And then our current home turned into an ungrateful money pit. The pressure builds. We NEED to get out. We start thinking about the only houses left on our lists, we start thinking about settling for a third, fourth option. It’s only for five years. Just to get out of here and on our feet financially again.

And then a breakthrough! A house in the same street we love! Same location, different number in the road. Thank the lord, I’ll take it now. Here have my soul, it’s yours. And we are back here again. Still waiting, patiently.
Patience...definitely what i came back to learn this time. Along with numerous other lessons I suspect but patience is well up there. Every person I have come to care about has at some time or other told me I must learn to be patient. Go figure!
Anyway, house number three has to be the one. It ticks all the boxes. We have a little under six weeks to go. So far the arrangements are looking solid. Price agreed. Paper work in order. Date to move agreed. This house has turned up the pressure, more astronomical bills, things are breaking that we should pay to fix, the grass is demanding our attention every week and we feel detached from its protection. It’s our cage, our folly. Totally stretched us almost to breaking point.

So we wait. Nervous as the days tick by. Hoping, praying almost that this will work. We can’t afford another fall through. We can’t take it, it will crucify our hope. I ply all my positive thoughts into this transaction. Please let it go through, please let it go through. Anywhere is better than here. We all want to move on, move out. We all need to move on.

25 houses we shortlisted and viewed. Now there are none left. This has to be the one. Please.