Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Speaking too soon

I’ve got a big mouth and a scarred heart,
I see lots of endings with nowhere to start
I’ve got two left feet both size nine
I get things wrong in plenty of time

I’ve got a way with words to pain your ears
Too blunt, too hard just bring you to tears
I’ve got nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
Just a wandering mind like a moonless tide

I come down hard when you get things wrong
And shake you lifeless for not being strong
I only express emotion when I get the notion
Always causing an insensitive commotion

I’ve got a big mouth slapped all over my face
I’d like to tell it to leave this place
But its got me this far away from hell
And it might be big but it rarely yells

So I learn to live with it and show it respect
Occasionally I forget how to keep it in check
My neck is brass and my backbone strong,
And I can always say sorry when I have done wrong.