Saturday, 24 April 2010

She would...

My mum would have sent me a card this week.
It would have said...
"Well done darling for passing all your Units for your SVQ in record time, with flying colours. I knew you could do it, I am proud of you. My clever girl!"
and it also would have said...
"You are doing so well at work, even though its not what you are best at, you amaze me every day and with your conitued committment and I am proud of the strong determined woman you have become."

She would have phoned me and shouted 'HOORAY' made appropriate noises and squeals of congratulations down the phone.
She probably would have bought me a bunch of flowers or a top or maybe something completel;y random and odd. Or she would have told me to go buy myself something nice as a reward.

But she's not here to say it. And she's not here to do it. I miss that. I miss her. And I know its unreasonable for me to expect anyone else to do the lovely things she did for me.

Just makes me realise even more, how lucky I was that she was my mum.

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