Saturday, 17 April 2010

Mad Chaffinch

There are a thousand birds that visit our garden but my attention is solely on one.

It’s a rather pink almost red chaffinch and it is obsessed with pecking and knocking on our windows. Not just one that would be too easy to explain! This bird knocks at two of our windows specifically and constantly, possibly three but we are less trusting of the bird identification skills of the teenager in the house. Needless to say, this chaffinch will keep itself busy all day; I exaggerate not a jot, tapping at our office window. It is as if it wants to come in. We have studied its behaviour with great interest.

• Is it pecking off bugs?
• Is it fighting its own reflection?
• Is it a reflection of the sky and its trying to fly through?
• Is it aiming at something inside the room?

No. No. And no. It cant be.
We have wiped the window, looked at the window from outside at various times of day and see no mirror effect or transparency. We have studied the pattern of its behaviour (because it does this most of every day) and can see no proof that it is anything other than mad. It’s not flying at the window, it’s not pecking bugs off the window, it’s just tap tap tapping and flying back into the bush, where it watches the window and then starts the whole thing again. Then when you have ignored it tapping on the front window for 5-10 minutes, it moves round to the side window, looks me directly in the eye and starts tapping there.

In a moment of madness I thought it was my recently deceased mum trying to get in. But really?

And then two days ago it went another whole step further, when i was sitting in my car in the drive, finishing a text before I started the engine and drove off. The mad chaffinch landed on the window ledge of my door and tapped on the window! WTF? I watched it, as still as a dead dodo, really wanting to open the window and let it in. But as is ratted fiddling with buttons, which would not work as the car was turned off, it looked at me, (with disappointment I thought) and flew off again.
And now it’s back, of course, this morning, tap tap tapping. 5 minutes on one window, 1 minute on the side window, a quick whizz round the house and then back to the front window. I really want to let it in and see if it comes and perches on my shoulder like an old friend, or tries to peck my eyes out.

It will probably do nothing unusual other than act like a bird trapped in a house, fly into things and crap everywhere. I wouldn’t mind that so much, purely for the experimentation, but its our office window its tapping at, which means it would crap everywhere near all our most expensive equipment AND there are plenty of places for it to get trapped in its mania (like behind bookcases, computers, in corners with wires and servers and the like) So letting it in the two tapping windows it probably not one of my best ideas.

Hopefully it will start tapping on another window soon and I can let it in that one!
Bloody mad chaffinch!

I don’t believe it, no sooner had I spoken (actually I never said the line out loud, I just typed it but I thought it obviosuly)...I was just setting up my camera on a stand to get some footage of the mad thing, when I hear tap tap out the back. The amazingly telepathic chaffinch was sitting on the handle of my back door, tapping on the door frame! Again – WTF?

I’ve now opened the door, checked where it was tapping for signs of bugs or things it could have been tapping at but its clean. No bird temptations on there.
What does it want?

Well the door is left open now, everyone will moan when they get up as it is freezing but i need to know why this bird wants in the house so much....

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