Friday, 12 March 2010

Electronic Nation

The determination of our youthful nation, to be spiteful and catty behind their electronic narration, where’s their inspiration to be a sensation? Leaves my heart sad, my head mad, everything turned bad, all for the sake of showing hate at their dads.

And for no other purpose than to live life like a circus, hurt us, rebuke us, make out their mess is so damn perfect, but remember, it is we who taught your learnings, now we’re yearning for the respect to be dealt us.

All left behind now, the love the health the happiness, all left in the dark last choice over laziness, first train to nowhere, last train back, under attack, for the things in life that they lack, live in a shit shack, no one gonna watch their back, give it a proud slap, inside they turn black and their attitude slack.

Our young minds live absent from the real world, no grace, never done a face to face with their feelings, anxiety would hit the ceiling, like a French clown, always the frown, wont come down, without messing around, for they don’t know, how to make relations work, responsibility shirk, chose to be alone with their keyboards and a chat zone.
You hold the love, like a dove, true white, shining light, high above their fright, hold it tight all night, but their gone in their mind, so unkind, blind to the times, communication from youth nation is a painful taxation, always try to read between the lines, wouldn’t know honesty if it jumped on their behind, never mind.

All you can do is send out love and be true, keep away from the blues, hope they come back soon. See the light, and what’s right for they should be soaring the heights, seeing sights but they sit and prefer to type all night, its not right.

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