Sunday, 6 December 2009

Second Wish

My second wish granted by the genie.
Right now...of course it would have to be...obviously
Bring my mum back.

But that would be totally selfish and short sighted.

And I figured something else about this tempting three wishes topic,
You can only commit to them in the moment of today. Who knows what you may wish for next week, month, year. Who knows I may change my mind by then.

For example, today I could waste my final wish on having a Nissan 350Z, huge engine, all the gadgets, bright blue in colour, outstanding fortune on stereo, black leather interior with electric blue stitching, beamed gleaming onto my drive. But next week another car may come out and change my mind.

So your three wishes only count in the here and now. You can theoretically change them when the genie arrives.

So what would your three be?

Friday, 4 December 2009

1 month too long

My beloved mum has been gone,
1 month far too long,
It seems the first of the month forever scard
My grief now makes the first so hard

I think them all through, the first parent, the first time, the first of the month, the first hour, the first shock, the first anger, my first rock, my first head of the family, the first of my passing nightmares, my first baby birthday card, my first memory of her, my first apology to her, my first gift, my first insomnia, my first physical hole in my whole, my first buckle in confidence, my first shining shard of my soul gone out, my first sad song, my first gone too long.