Saturday, 3 October 2009

Yippe its raining

Ha ha!
I woke up this morning, far too early but extremely well rested and my mind awake with 'to-do's.'
I got up and ventured downstairs through the strange murkie light of the house. Picking up abandoned pencils, clothes, rubbish, wrappers along the way. Tidying the kitchen as I waited with squinting eyes for the kettle to boil. Putting on a load of washing as my toast burnt in the toaster and finally, with my eyes a bit more accustomed to being open, looking outside to see a wet and windy miserable day.
And I felt delighted.

For today was going to be a stay indoors day. No way I could cut the grass, wash the car, trim any bushes, hang out any washing. No way I was walking into town for groceries, or getting out on my bike. Turn up the thermostat! I'm staying in.

I grabbed my burnt toast, my hot water and sat in front of my pc with glee. I wrote a 2500 word story. As the heavens opened and the rain absolutely poured down upon our garden, I watched with immense satisfaction becasue I was already making the most of a miserble day.

I love the rain. Its my reason for being lazy, my acceptence of my own apathy towards activity. I know I wont (cant) sit around doing nothing ALL day but I was delighted with being good for nothing this morning. Rain lets the laziness in me come out. For a little while at least.

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