Saturday, 26 September 2009

Celebration Naration 20.03.08

Something I found while sorting through saved blogs on my net book.
I had forgotten all about this...
It was written when my separation agreement came through from my ex...

Celebration Blue nation the timely negation of separation
taking heed of no need to bleed over my pasts unfulfilled good deeds
Bonds now broken long forgotten unspoken now forever just a worthless token
bye bye old sky nobody to cry just space to fly and fly
Oh my !

spaces in time

Finding laughter, holding smiles, walking with hearts over miles
Taking hold of the stars in our eyes, releasing pain into the skies
Sharing what you can with the world, not caring for shattered muddied pearls
Behold to youths wisdom and beware the silence of lies,
Autumnal beauty can fall beyond your minds eyes

Spaces in time, spaces in time, the rhythm, the rhythm, the rhythm is mine
I am universal truths with my line, don't snub my flow with your prohibiting crime
I'll show you the life from my lips, from my mind, sharing with you some creative in kind
For this life is an oyster for you to catch on, filling the tides with my heart, soul and song

Creation of magic grows deep in my seas, crashing and waving to you with deep ease
Taking the time for rhyme to appear, the glistening and shining of words held so dear
The moments will pass, the memories we share, noting down some as thin as a hair
Loosing the most to the spaces in time, that’s why it’s important to make time and flip rhyme.

Internet love 21.10.07
It sounds kinda obvious seeing how much time I am spending on the net blogging and stuff but I just love the access to things that can rock your world. I love the Internet!
There is so much out there to impress.
Today I found a link through a link through a link of one of my feeds and hit upon a short video that made me cry.
It was so simple, clever, brilliant, amazing and I god damn wished I'd thought of it myself.
I was so impressed I stood up from Murkies comfy leather chair and applauded his screen. I have attached the link, let me know what you think! karmatube
And then I found more things I had forgotten about, that moved me. Like the PostSecret website, all those people who have written down a secret on a homemade postcard and sent it in to add to a compilation. So revealing of our society! Some so sad and moving. Others hilarious and really happy moments captured on a small piece of card. Forever noted in history when they are gone. Wonderful!
And google earth and google sky. I just LOVE google sky.

So I love the net more today than ever for giving me emotions and feelings and stuffs!
The only down point being in all this entertainment at my finger tips...I really should get out more!

Moving Memories in Mind 13.10.07

Unforgettable traces swirling through our souls, living minds incomplete without histories memory made within you forever, untouchable scars, searching for the key to lock away in the distance pain that cannot exist in our futures.

Soft whispering lights flash through memories, passing like cars on a highway. Some fast, some slow, almost formless, all dark and weary at night. Like moths pulled towards them, irresistible in the mist. Unconscious recall, some not worth the judgement lain only in your passing minds eye. Some so joyful they deserve to be relived again, full glory, full monty until dark.

And then..

Like soft feathers on a sun kissed wind, they swirl until finally they lay at peace, at rest in a bright place where even the sad memories are at peace and happy to just be.

Gone blogging mad! 4.10.07

Oh my god!
I've gone blog mad.
One minute you don't know what a blog is, the next thing you have two and find you are writing them every day for no other reason than you think you have something worth saying! (and the desire to get stories published)
Is anyone listening?
Does anyone read?

and now...

Oh Murkie ( my partner)...what have you let yourself in for?
Loving your ingenuity, and spellchecking and the way you make me think.
Plus, you're so god damn quick, I don't get a second to change my mind!