Sunday, 10 January 2021

The Truth WONT kill you (but it might save your life)

I have spent a lot of time pondering how to reach out to my loved ones and pass on information that i believe is being hidden from those in the UK.

Yes. It's about Covid.
Yes. It's about the vaccine.
Please, before you stop reading, engage your critical amazing powerful brain and hold the connection you and I have in your heart , and please read on

Give me a little of your time.

Or skip my words and simply press play on the short film link. I implore you. You have a human right to be properly informed before you make decisions about injecting anything into your body.

I have spent months seeking out numerous sources of info and validating their sources, their funders and efficacy and cross referencing until a correlation of truth can be found.

I'm not alone. More academic, more intelligent, more established viewer based people than I, also do this. And I'm lucky enough that I am connected to those with more integrity and gravitus than I, who share their findings. Actual experts. 

I am a realist. 
A syncronist.
A free sovereign being.
I listen to those who know better.

I care about you and the other beings on this Earth. 
I've spent so much time in the past week coming to a fearful place for those I love. I had to write this blog to you all.

I am scared I will lose people. Those who will take the vaccine because they believe in the propaganda spilling out of the black square hypnotist in the corner of every front room.

Yet I am compelled to beg you all to consider the professional integrity of everyone in this short film. And the testiments they make in an effort to bring you the right information about the vaccine, so you can make an informed choice about your own health. I beg you. For every moment I have been unable to spend time with you lately, for every gathering I may have missed, for every phone or video call I've missed coz of crap signal, please swap that time for this film. Even if you watch it for me, it's just 30 minutes of your day. They are the experts, after all.
Thank you. I love you.

Made by international doctors and medical and other  professionals who want YOU to know that the vaccine is not safe, not ethical and WILL HARM YOU. 

Don't take it from me. Please listen to them. 

The UK News is brainwashing you.
For instance...
Are you aware of the Great Barrington Declaration signed by over 50,000 medical & public health scientists and medical practitioners?

No? Ask why....

Do you know that thousands of associations of concerned doctors, nurses are standing out and sharing their truths such as the World Doctors Alliance with over 55,000 signees who are being hounded or worse, sacked, for speaking their MEDICAL TRUTH.

No? Ask why...

Do you know that The Gates Foundation fund the health department of the BBC News?

No? Ask why...

Are you aware that the WHO (work height org) has been infiltrated by numerous convicted criminals for crimes against humanity (look it up!) Who sit in high positions such as CEO...Chief medical advisor? All paid by...The Gates Foundation.

No? Ask why...

Please. You may be locked indoors. But don't lock your beautiful inquisitive mind!

Activate your critical mind to this situation.
Engage your heart.

It's not too late to change your mind. Demand more research if you are pro-vaccine. Look at the animal testing results.

And consider...

If it's so safe and effective; why has all medical liability been waivered and any matter of recourse been prevented?


The video you juat watched has been banned by mainstream social media channels!

Ask yourself why when these people are MORE QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED than our leaders, the politicians, the corporate companies creating data analysis and the news chiefs.

The truth is being withheld from you UK! 

The UK is the first country testing the vaccine across it's population. Initiating complete control of the media to scare you into thinking this PLANDEMIC is real and that you need a vaccine.

But you don't. Vitamin D. Simple.

And if you are still asking but what about all the deaths? 

No higher than this time of year EXCEPT all infection, respiratory and seasonal illnesses have been reclassified as... Covid19.

So it's all data manipulation to scare you into submission. 

The really horrendous thing is...

The vaccine could kill you. 
Give you an auto immune disease.
Make you infertile.
Change your DNA.
Make you immune deficient.

So please. Consider this information. Protect your health. Stay away from this dangerous injection. 
I will be. And I will advising everyone I love to do the same.

I can't live in fear any more. 
I have passed on as much as I can right now. Between tears. Between cuddles. Between furious finger stabbing my screen.

I hope we all make it through this.
Thanks for reading and watching.
I love you. 

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