Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Yeah! What tea says.

I am a big fan of the Yogi Tea Brand.

Not only does it come in so many delicious flavours, some blends specifically help with issues such as sleepiness, immune system boost, relaxation and revitalization.

They certainly have helped me with all above at times.

This is not an advert. I'm just mad about Yogi tea! It freaking speaks to me. I swear!

Plus it's the best tea for flavour & I haven't found anything that matches it across those flavours.

The product is organic and you can usually get two cups from one bag. 

Check out their website and find yourself a local supplier!
Yogi Tea Home Page

What I love so much about Yogi Tea is every single bag comes with an individual message on a cute little red label. We keep them all in a jar and sometimes when the moment is required we use the jar like a lucky dip, like a tarot card or fotune reading if you will. Its a nice way to get a perk of inspiration for the day.

Recently i have felt like each tag on the bag speaks to me through some divine intervention...

A few weeks back I woke at 3am and as I decided NOT to open my laptop and do some work, I glanced at my previously sipped bedtime tea bag which said 'Love your soul'. 

I pondered the instruction & then agreed. 
So I went back to bed and with this thought in mind (and after finishing a £100 winning crossword puzzle) I drifted off into a beautiful replenishing sleep.

It also inspired me to keep my blog readers updated on how the tea speaks to me. Thats is, If i have any readers left after such a long gap in my postings!

I confess I've been writing for another blog space I'm developing with my partner for our travel and campervan adventures.

See what's been posted here (now THATS a shameless plug ha ha ha) 

Anyways back to beautiful tea.
The messages on Yogi tea are so beautiful. So simple. So true.

After keeping hundreds and using them for plunge moments of inspiration we wondered what we do with them as we moved abroad to Portugal.

It seemed ridiculous to pack them when space, function, necessity & basic needs were high on the list of essentials.

Until the day we made our majical travel jar of talismans & trinkets to keep us safe & invisible as we departed the UK & drove thru Spain to Portugal.

We added the beautiful Yogi tea messages into our jar & sprinkled them with majic. Imbibing their majic messages of conscious love and understanding into our protection and travel magic for a efficient and effective journey.

And that's exactly what we got.
And now we have our beautiful jar in our temporary caravan home. Continuing to emanate good vibes and keeping us protected and spiralling towards ever more madjakall experiences.

Or so the tea told us so.

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