Sunday, 2 April 2017

What does finding me mean?

I have been thinking a lot about travelling. About having a gap year once I finish my studies and the house sells. Please, dear goddess of goodness, let the house sell quick.
I will have no ties. I long for change. For growth. For movement.
For walking barefoot more than in shoes.
For feasting my eyes, in fact all my senses on pastures new spectacular views.
Stepping out of all my comfort zones and crossing international time zones.
So I wrote of list to guide me, what does this journey mean?

To be with only me for so long, I get me better and know my purpose.

To experience helping others in more abundance globally.

To wander aimlessly and ponder.

To have experiences and adventures.

To find inner peace and then my forever home country.

To fulfill a 20 year long dream.

To make connections.

To be inspired.

To give thanks, randomly, globally.

To be an activist and contribute towards saving the world!

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