Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Bad days deserve positive distractions

Today is a day that really sucks.

My mind has been wondering through the valley of past memories and wonderful experiences.

All great memories but not when you realise the companion of those memories is no longer in your life.

Anniversaries are never easy I guess.

So I am distracting myself with something completely different...

My single life and in particular today, my Feng Shui Tibetan Power surging comfort space: My bed.

Its a place of refuge for me some days. Other days it’s a place of pride.

Its not my bed, its not even my room, although I rent it, its not my home but I am personalising it for the short time that I will be here.

Happy for the safety of a reliable roof above my head, a welcoming bed and a great friend to help nudge me out of the negative cycles that run through my head and heart.

But my distraction today is to explain to you two things that I love about my new, all be it temporary, bed:

1) The two Tibetan cushions on it create a beautiful energy in the middle, that when I lay or sit between them, I can feel their healing power

2) At night I put the cushions at the bottom of my bed and pretend they are loyal dogs sleeping on my feet

There. That’s how I get through each night alone, with my spiritual cushions being fake dogs at the foot of my bed.

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