Saturday, 10 December 2016

Speed Shopping Success Ten Fold

Observing the mass hysteria of the shopping frenzie puts me right off Christmas.
Seeing people without a home or lonely at home, puts me off Christmas.
Thinking of the loss we will all feel, of those no longer with us, puts me off Christmas.
Seeing the overpriced deals thrown in your face every day, puts me off Christmas.
Listening to Kylies new Christmas song, puts me right off Christmas.
The inconsiderate parking of the ‘church brigade’ goers in our street, also puts me off Christmas.
But I WILL not submit and be put off Christmas. Not this year.

So on the 10th day of December I carried out my Christmas shopping on a strict time limit.
While up in Glasgow for a day at university, I decided to squeeze it in.
30 minutes at lunchtime and 45 minutes at the end of the day before catching my train home.
I managed to buy gifts for ALL our friends, in a pressurised decision making frenzy.
All for £10 each. Chuffed.
I conclude that on a budget, panic shopping is the way to go.

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