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Good Foxy - the interview

So I'm lucky enough to be doing these festival reviews for

This year among other festies, I asked to go to Beatherder, as I had heard so many great things about it. It certainly did not disappoint. It was mega immense and a spectacular festival.

I had an absolute privilege of being asked if I wanted to interview anyone and requested two bands: Good Foxy - a young rock and roll band, very much up & coming.
Dub Pistols - an established jungle dance ska mentalist band I have followed for almost twenty years.

I was ecstatic to get a yes to both requests. It turned my usual organised festival antics upside down. And led to a #40newthings experience i did not expect.
It led to the time of my life.
It led to that euphoric feeling of living the absolute dream

You can find the Dub Pistol full interview here.

But this one is all about the incredible Good Foxy...

Finally in the right venue for Good Foxy we were not surprised at how quickly the place filled up. I knew the band were local lads from Clitheroe, so were bound to have a local following at their gig. And I was not wrong.

When they came on their long sultry bass line immediately lifted everyone and the whole place surged to the front. Smiles galore and an electric atmosphere, when they launched into ‘Down the Rabbit hole’ with the carnival intro lyrics sung by bass guitarist Freddie, the place cheered and jumped about like crazy. George's range on his voice is incredible and he can captivate you like Jim Morrison and scream like Zed.

Again such a mixed crowd, which I think is down to their fantastic rock and roll old school sound, mixed in with the originality and quirky style that you soon come to know can only be Good Foxy. The skills of all the guitarists, the vocals they all add in at different places gives every song a depth and intrigue you dont get with a single front man. James ability on both keyboards and the harmonica are amazing. And its just drums drums drums all the way through from Calum.

I lost all sense of concentration when they played one of my favourites, Gone West, as it has such an incredible heavy bass opening and the young crowd were mosh pitting all over the place. They even got split up by security, which I thought was a damn shame as they were just having a jolly good time.

In no time at all, the set was over, the lads managing to squeeze a beautiful instrumental piece into their last three minutes before the plug was pulled. And then it was time for me to jump over the stage and meet the band back stage with my lovely assistant!

So first up we spoke to Henry Crabtree on lead guitar and vocals, who spends most of the set shaking his luscious locks in big sweeping head banging circles, clearly enjoying himself. We shake hands and he is clearly beaming from ear to ear.

Lou: Very well done, that was an incredible performance; you must be feeling really high right now. Can you explain that feeling?

Henry: Its awesome! We get just the best vibes from the audience.

Lou: Have you ever performed at a gig where the mosh pit got split up?

Henry: NO! I didn’t realise it did. Ha ha

Lou: What are your hopes and dreams for you and the band going forward?

Henry: Keep credible, keep having fun, keep stepping up.

Next up we spoke with the calm and collected lead vocalist and guitarist George Banks. His style and verve was dripping off his cool exterior and charming manner.

Lou: Very well done, the range in your voice is amazing, such a wonderful sound and a brilliant entrancing performance; you must be feeling really high right now. Can you explain that feeling?

George: Thank you, that was a great feeling. It really is like nothing else. I feel pretty euphoric. It really is the best drug.

Lou: I can imagine. Are you aware that the stewards split up the mosh pit?

George: No way! Ha ha ha

Lou: So what are your hopes going forward?

George: I just wanna play all around the world and not have a job!

Lou: Best of luck with that, you are doing something right because you all have such an energy on stage, you are all clearly having fun together and you already have a great following. Good luck.

George: Yeah that’s awesome thanks, we just all enjoy it.

Next up we caught up with James Robinson - Keyboards and Vocals stealing him away from helping pack away the bands equipment. Smiling and charming as he promised to be back and continue carrying drums to their van.

Lou: Thanks James for giving us some time. Great performance, outstanding skills on the harmonica, you must be sky high right now. Can you tell me how that feels for you?

James: Aww man thank you, that’s really kind. Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah well, we have great people, it creates a good energy.

Lou: It really does, I wish you all the best and expect you all to go as far as you dream.

James: Its just this really. What more could you want?

Finally we spoke to Callum Sykora who plays the drums and percussion. Another talented lad with a happy moon face and manners you could woo your granny with. He was a delight to speak to, gracious and down to earth.

Lou: So Calum, that was an awesome performance, you look like you enjoyed it immensely and must be flying quite high right now. How are you feeling?

Calum: Absolutely buzzing! This is a great festival for the energy and the people here. We are dead chuffed that we got asked back.

Lou: I am so in love with the sound that you guys produce. i was recommended your debut album at another festival a few months ago and since I acquired it I have been listening to it over and over. It’s an amazing sound you all create.

Calum: well thanks so much, that’s so nice, great to hear. We all have such different ideas really but we are great friends and we just put all our ideas together to make this sound.

Lou: Well it is definitely working for you all. What do you do then if you disagree about something?

Calum: we just have a row! Row it out, then hug and make up and sort the rest out from there.

Lou: Brilliant, row it out and get on. What are your hopes and dreams going forward Calum?

Calum: I just want to carry on doing what we are doing, having fun, make a living from it.

Lou: I'm pretty sure you will. Its been an absolute pleasure. I’m delighted that seeing you live is more impressive than listening to the album, and I shall keep my eye out on the circuit for you and definitely hope to catch you all again somewhere in another field. Say thank you to Freddie Bruhin-Price on bass and vocals for me. (He was buried in the back of a yurt surrounded by friends but we managed to pry him away for a quick photoshoot.)

The overall feeling when you listen to Good Foxy is how polished and eclectic they sound. Yet when you watch them they look like they are doing nothing other than having fun doing something they each individually love.

When you speak with each lad, it is clear that they all have their own ideas, they all have their own distinct characteristics, yet somehow they make it all come together in an incredible sound we will all soon come to know and love as the one and only Good Foxy, One of the only solo artists in the world with five heads.

My recommendation for the band to watch because they are going to soar. Or perhaps scamper foxily from field to field.

The Good Foxy debut album is available on their website at

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