Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Its my Birthday! And so the list begins...

PROLOGUE - you have to imagine I actually got round to posting this on the 9th October!

Its my birthday!!! 

Well actually I was 40 years old yesterday. But today I am off work and apart from finding the time to blog, I am enjoying some much longed for time in bed while the mighty and incredibly thoughtful BF makes me a pot of tea. we have an amazing day ahead planned of going to the travel agent to plan our winter holidays and then off to one of best mates for an afternoon tea and snuggle with her 3 month old baby.

I have been able to finalise the #40Newthings list. Another item to fall off the end list was ‘turn vegetarian.’ Not because I am giving up on this life choice but because it is exactly that, a life choice. I am bound to need respite and recipes. Upon talking this one through with a number of people, it was brought to my attention that a life choice can hardly be as whimsical or as daring as taking on a new activity. My seriousness about becoming a vegetarian does not translate into the same year long experiences. I hope this life choice decision will last a life time.

There are a couple of new activities based on birthday presents – gratefully received from wonderful freind’s who know me well and have provided yet more opportunities for me to have near death experiences and in the region too!

So here goes the list up to number 29. 
Suggestions still welcome...List soon to be published on what activity is happening each week. I am starting this week with beginning Pride and Prejudice.


1.       Publish a book
2.       Fly in a Glider
3.       Volunteer at the South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital
4.       Go into an airport and just fly somewhere for weekend
5.       Get into a car and drive somewhere new
6.       Go to Wales
7.       Eat a deep fried mars bar
8.       Bungee jump
9.       Climb Criffel
10.   Learn Aerial Skills
11.   Master two new Hula hoop moves: off body move & slow mo turning
12.   Make a mermaids lapghan 
13.   Go on a falconry day
14.   Climb an actual outside rock face
15.   Eat snails in France
16.   Go fishing at sea
17.   Walk bare foot in the rain
18.   Bake my neighbours a cake each
19.   Read Pride and Prejudice
20.   See Madonna in concert
21.   Watch the film - The Apartment
22.   Travel alone
23.   Wear a kilt on Burns night
24.    Take part in a ‘messy twister’ conquest
25.   Meditate for world peace all day
26.   Prepare a stand up act to perform the year 2017
27.   Photographic evidence of using a Double Adult Space hopper: spring, summer, autumn, winter
28.   Become a human sling shot – birthday gift
29.   Flyboarding – birthday gift

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