Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Life EPIC Life

I have been doing some EPIC life evaluation lately. I have actually, no word of a lie, spent time, in a quiet room by myself, sitting lotus position and considering my ethical status and carbon foot. It is not good.

Call it aging, call it maturing, call it what you like, but some things have changed for me lately that have made me feel it’s time to revisit both how I live my life and how I resource my life. A few things have spurred these changes in my thinking, including the following:

  • ·         Seeing the Dali Lama at Glastonbury. Not that we met personally, not that he said anything that was greatly unusual or unexpected but he was very auspicious and inspiring.
  • ·         Reading an old book written by Yogis years ago on Yoga and Health. It is simple, basic and one of those books full of answers that make you go “I knew that! I just wasn’t asking myself the right question!”
  • ·         Reading an amazing informative yet scary book called Depletion and Abundance. It is all about the radical steps we need to take as an economy, as a human race, to save ourselves and the planet. Short story there
  • ·         Meeting people who live simple lives and are the richest most incredible people I know
  • ·         Signing up as a Green Party and GreenPeace member and subsequently reading lots of interesting articles which have educated and informed me, thus influencing some of the decisions I have been making or will make in the future

You can see from all of these interesting experiences, why my life is taking a different turn. And it feels right. It feels based on knowledge, communication and experience. It makes sense to me. You cannot be in the possession of such informative influences without imparting the details into your own brain and subsequently making informed changes to your own life. Positive experiences do after all become personally influential.

So why am I telling you this?

Well part of me finds putting it into my blog as a way of self-checking my own content. It’s almost like a diary entry, except more public, more considered and written with less cathartic reasons. And part is so that in my own small way, I may influence others to make positive changes.

The Dalai Lama spoke of the way we need to better educate our children. Our daughters are grown and flown the nest. Not that I have given up on imparting this knowledge to them when they are back home or when we visit them (or when they can actually listen). Absolutely of course! I am content with infecting my wider family of youngsters through my bessies kids, of which I am Aunty to many, with my knowledge and details on how we are trying to save the planet for them.

I am trying to take the message of simple living, love and compassion to adults. Anyone who cares. Anyone who will listen and anyone who will converse without behaving adverse. I am here to try and provide a little insight into the changes that everyone would benefit from. I want to save the birds and the bees. To make the world a better place.

I am trying, through my own life, through my collaboration with others and through my blog, to positively influence behaviour change towards a more sustainable, happy future for our little planet and those that dwell on her.

Over the coming weeks I am going to report on various areas of our lives that are undergoing changes. These feel like some of the most basic yet fundamentally life changing decisions we will ever make. From where we are going to live, will we ever fly again, giving up meat, uncovering our feet to random acts of kindness, Green approaches and policies and yoga journeys. It will be random and exciting. Educational and enticing. And hopefully jolly good fun too!

Why don’t you come along for the ride too?

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