Thursday, 8 January 2015

Making History

Happy New year!!! 

Oh my gosh, its gone!


Where did you go so quick?
Well...I will tell you how so quick. I just didn’t stop!!!

I said I was going to put everything into my creative events business. Give it my all and see if it was a viable, earnable option. Interested in changing my day job, or at least being able to reduce it to part time, I decided to put the effort in. And boy did the work flow in. And not just making and creating work. My favourite work of all. ...writing work. Reviewing work. I jumped with glee and accepted it all. 
I acknowledge that at times I was too busy. Ok, ok, I accept that now but maybe not at the time. 
I do know I could not have done it without the help and support of an amazing BF. My absolute saviour many many times. And the impressive rally round of fabulous friends. <bows>

My heart was committed, my inbox full of contracts and my head full of clichés and other peoples logic for facing the trials and tribulations ahead.

  • They say ask a busy person if you want something done.
  • They also say, more haste, less speed. A confusing statement really.
  • They say, in times of stress and adversity, keep busy, plough your energy into something positive.

And that I did. But who are ‘they’ anyway? Sometimes ‘they’ are wrong. Or ‘they’ are not made of the same stuff that ‘we’ are made of. For at times the activity was more than ploughing energy into something, it was desperate distraction from the pain and anguish we faced through 2014. It was manic. It was chaotic. But we got through it. Successfully. And proud. With clip boards and coloured labels.

I attended five fantastic UK festivals and subsequently wrote five reviews for Festivals for All. At the end of the season I was then asked to write a further reflective multi-part review from the perspective of working at a festival and subsequently had the following five articles published!!

Part 3 – What day is it?

Part 5 – Freaky Fun Friday

Thank you Festivals For All for making a dream come true. As I said back in April – 

Yes, of course I would love to write about what I am doing.
Yes, of course I would love to write about where I am going.
Oh yes, go on then, I can interview a few bands for my articles.
And yes, if I must, I can keep a log of all the amazing things that happen.
Living the dream...

The core Bluetopia crew of two collaborated at Glastonbury Festival and then expanded to a crew of 32 to carry out a phenomenal feast of work at the Wickerman Festival. You only need to read the above articles to understand the immensity of that undertaking and how proud I still am to this day. 
It certainly didnt pay. But it still makes my day. Thanks to the core crew for being out of this world.

I was in the local rag for my 2014 Big Burns Supper Car-Naval-News commissioned vehicle art, made some awesome haggis too but they all darted away as soon as I stuck on their beady little eyes.

I submitted two short pieces to a small community writing outlet, The Fankle.

Was surprised and revelled in the words that flowed through my mind, onto my tongue and out of my mouth in the middle of the night. Often giving me quite a fright in the morning, for they came with no warning. Amongst everything else that happened in 2014, my brain found time to be poetic or prophetic. And through exhaustion let’s not forget pathetic. 

I managed an unabridged version of the funniest festival friendship of my life – Belladrum with a new beautiful bestie barrel of laughs known to all as The Linz (that unique her name begins with The) and another 11 Blogs.

I've been trained and certified as Scotlands leading Future Basing Practitioner and delivered 4 sessions. More on THAT'S later.

I’ve designed and delivered nine themed PhotoBooths and  thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. 

And that my dear reader (s?) was the Bluetopia Business of 2014. 

Through it all, it’s not been about the money. The money would have been a bonus. It’s been about the swappsies. The fun and frivolous pleasing of my creative skills. It’s been about trying hard and doing my best and sticking two fingers up to the rest. It’s been working with some of the most inspiring and amazing artistic, creative and precious people I have had the honour of spending time with.

2014 blessed me with brilliant and beautiful people.

I still worked full time on the day job. I still have to.
I still managed a number of gigs and to go on holiday.

And upon a number of days reflecting as 2015 approached I realised I missed writing.
And then it hit me. 
I am too busy making history to write it. 

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