Sunday, 18 January 2015

Die Antwoord, Glasgow Academy 14.01.15

Dirty, Freaky, Thumping Sounds

What an incredible show and an ear splitting sound this African trio create. 
If you like Rave music, you will love Die Antwoord so very much.

Your vocabulary doesn’t need to be perfect because most of the lyrics involve the F word.
Yo-Lande’s cute high pitched voice interjects with words that even if you can’t decipher are great to squeal along to anyway and front man Ninja is a loud and proud repetitive rude boy rapper. All of this excitement along to the hard core dance and techno heart beats from DJ Hi-Tek just keep your feet jumping and your arms pumping. 

The tempo rose and rose throughout their 75 minute show as they knocked out high octane slammers such as PitBull Terrier, I Fink U Freaky and Babys on Fire.

The lights kept blasting and flashing. The back drop graphics and video footage was freaky and fascinating.
The huge blow up character with the even more gigantic glowing penis was insane and the African booty bouncing from the two additional  dancers dressed in skin tight all in ones or so tight they were practically invisible hot pants was impressive. Couple that with wrapped tight face masks they were sexy, lithe and capable of twerking all night long. At times I was so engrossed in the onstage antics, I literally forgot to dance or blink. But they were nothing compared to the delights of the ridiculously pleasing teeny tiny body of Yo-Lande and her delightful hip swaying shirt lifting moves. Has anyone actually checked that she’s not from another planet?

Die Antwoord formed in 2008. Their name is Afrikaans for ‘The Answer.’ They have previously been quoted as saying, “people are unconscious, and you have to use your art as a shock machine to wake them up.” Well they cracked it, there is no way you can listen to Die Antowoord without waking up and at times last night I was shocked in a number of senses: sound, sight, lust and sensuality. They are a super slick machine.

With Ninja the grizzley grunting gregarious front man, an incredibly attractive, psycho glass shattering sidekick and a strong omnipotent DJ Hi-Tek who throws down the all the rave-tastic beats and bass that keeps a satisfied smile sweating on your face.

My favourite parts had to be transfixed to the African booty shaking over DJ Hi-Teks big bouncing bonkers beats, Yo-Landes piercing voice and Ninja swiping a mobile phone in video mode from the crowd, shoving it down his pants, wiping it on his junk, having a sniff and handing it back. Now that will teach them!

This South African trio are the whole package and they are right to jump and shout about it. If you don’t like them, they will tell you quite loudly to your face. F off.

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