Friday, 9 January 2015

Desigual Dress

I like to review.
I love clothes.
I adore Desigual.
So naturally, here is what I think about this Cirque du Soleil dress...

You can join the Circus and clown around in style in this dress.

Ever wanted to join the circus?
To look hot & shiny while spinning and twirling around having fun Never made it there yet?
Then wearing this Desigual dress can bring the circus onto you.
You will feel so good in it, its cartwheels for you! Its so colourful and bright, it will light up your night, let you be the one to stand out from the crowd.
Whether you are clowning around with friends, looking to thrill as a double act or simply be the best dressed on the night, this dress has it all.
Flattering shape, pretty yet bold, it has everything a girl with something unusual up her sleeve will desire. I know I do! In this dress I would feel on top of the world, or the Big Top anyway!

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