Thursday, 15 May 2014

Yesterday at the day job...

I read somewhere today when I was looking for pictures of boredom,(yes thats how bored I was at the day job),  that if you say you are bored, then you are not doing ‘God’s work.’

Pah!! I thought. Thank Goodness because that really would be a waste of time.

But then it got me thinking about Youology and my ‘faith in humans’ explanation for that thing we call religion and I wondered – what does that mean to me?

If I am bored, I am not helping others.
If I am bored, I am not being useful.
If I am bored, I am not putting my thoughts or actions to good use.

All relatively obvious no?

So then how can I alleviate that boredom?

Bake a cake for my neighbour?
Carry out a random act of kindness for someone in my house, next door, on the street or plucked out of my social network?
Getting on with something that my beloved has been putting off for weeks?
Doing a job that we both detest, like washing the windows, cleaning the toilets, researching cheaper house insurance.

And I realised I could be being more productive, and less bored.

Doing good is a great way to pass the time. We just don’t always opt for it because quite often we are restrained by our daily responsibilities. Some people are simply very self centred and never think beyond what they can do for themselves. Its not an immediate go to palce is it? Imagine “hmmm I have a spare hour, what will I do now? Oh I will offer to help my neighbour with something?”...not a regular occurrence?

No me neither. But from now on. I will try to be more outward reaching.

My only problem is, now that I had found the solution…how am I going to get out of the day job to go do it??!!

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