Sunday, 23 February 2014

Fair Trading

Money may make the world go round, but only in one direction.

Recently I have been dipping my toe in creative ventures and daring to put a dream of mine into action by building up my creative business. As you will have heard, I have been taking part, as an artist, in festivals and events. Putting my skills and knowledge to the test by committing to jobs that involve completing  an end product on time, not just making stuff and things for myself. I have also been building my mobile photo booth service, which has been an unbelievable success and huge amount of fun.

On top of all this I have not lost the desire to write. It is my ultimate dream job. I plitter away at my blogs, short stories and such.  All just passing time, enjoying myself, while writing book number 3. All in the vain hope of being ‘discovered’.

When I finally launched my website I decided I was going to be flexible and open to trading with people. I like swapsies. Ever since I was a child and my friends and I used to swap clothes, much to our parents annoyance. Or as a builders labourer I learnt many skills and have been happily helping people out for a straight swap of time or mutually agreed items since. I swap artwork for garden plants. Or wallpapering for caravans. Its not that I detest money, I know its impossible to get by in this society without it. And I do love to spend it in all those retail outlets, where only cash will do. But I prefer coming to an agreement of how we can help out each other. Sometimes I can do this as a straight time swap. I think Timebanking is a fabulous concept. 

Since being open to trading skills or crafts, I have had many offers of business and opportunities come my way. Its been a revelation. I may not have made lots of money, but I’ve gained so much more. Some of it professional direction and marketing approaches. Some of it physical labour and actual things. Its impressed me no end. Saying no when someone doesn’t have your fee closes the door. Saying yes to working something out you can both benefit from, keeps them open.

Money may make the world go round, but fair trade makes it eclectic.

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