Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bag of squirrels

Today has been a battle of my nerves? Why, why, why? I have the most epic story brewing. Something I have held my tongue still over. Something I have only shared for a source of support and understanding with my very nearest and dearest friends. For almost three years now. I cannot disclose this story just yet..for it has legal connotations and could ultimately loose me my day job (the one that pays the bills.)

But right now the whole god damn awful messy thing is culminating. The months are drawing in. The end is in sight. We know not what that ending is but it is on its way. And in one way or another it is going to change our lives, forever.

We wait with aching hearts, bated breath and a rather large gin to gulp down upon its arrival.

Today has been a milestone. And I have been a bag of nerves. And the day has ended with no ultimate resolution. The story goes on, the ending taking longer to unfold. I felt quite depressed about it all. Who wouldn’t with anything that takes this long to sort out? I typed hell out of my key board at work.  Zumba’ed my ass off afterwards, spraying frustrated sweat all over my fellow exercisers. I have struggled to see those tiny little bonuses we all appreciate on a normal day. 

But then I came home to the most amazing email. An interesting request of my creative writing. And it made my heart soar! Now I feel utterly inspired to be hopeful for a different future. I feel blessed. Something positive is going my way. 
Perhaps, if I may be so bold, a dream to be realised.
I don’t want to jinx myself by announcing my good fortune until I have confirmed it ‘in the bag.’ But suffice to say, it is a wonderful offer and has made my day. 

And its made all the stress and worry of today, all those nerves go away.

Hope is a beautiful thing. As is really loud music through your headphones. As is smiling.

Life is a seesaw roller coaster bag of squirrels cream cake thingy innit???

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