Thursday, 21 November 2013

One Word

Small and curly constantly moving doubt.
It lives in my head shifting about.
No matter what good deeds done through the day,
The doubting Thomas never goes away.

It takes effort to talk over the voice
On and on it goes exploring choice
I believe in my heart that all is well
But if you listened to my head you could never tell

It takes strength to keep off the negative curve
Turn precision indecision into style and verve
The pros and cons keep on chattering away
Find the positives to make it through the day

When will these thoughts converge to a decision?
When will the right path make incision?
Is it doubt or just plain  OCD?
The conclusions not forthcoming to me

Backwards and forwards round and round
Until finally I can hear only one sound
The sound of a choice being decidedly made
The sound of a path finally laid

Ah how they are quiet yet I miss all those voices
The dissectors of all of our colourful choices
Hark! The murmuring decision can finally be herd
showing the way with one single word.

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