Monday, 18 November 2013

Burns and Booths

Well busy times are ahead and i couldn’t be more excited!

I recently dipped my toe into the world of Photo Booths at parties and celebrations as an addition to my event production dreams.  It’s been slow for a while but then i acknowledge I haven’t really had the time to devote to advertising it and working on some new decor. What with the rest of life going on!!!

But every one I have done so far, I have had so much fun at. I mean, if you have to work evenings or weekends during which you need to stay sober at (ideally), then how better than working with lots of happy, tipsy (sometimes drunk) party people, being silly, having laughs and getting their pose on!
It is a party life through a lens. I am a part time agent Pro-Photo-Voyeur.

So all of a festive sudden I have four bookings over the run up to Christmas and another two day option over the 24th-25th January. Its all kicking off!
I am in a joyful mental flurry of new ideas.
I’ve got lists coming out of my pricked up ears.
I’ve already shed frantic over excited tears.
Yet I am more hyped than I have been for years.

As well as my booming booths, i have been asked to join the creative team for Big Burns Supper 2014, or BBS14 for short. And i am delighted! Yet another random creative outlet with the most talented and inspirational people who are not just darn good fun to be with but an amazing inspirational team of artists that roam this land.

I cant say anything about it all yet as:
a) I would have to kill you
b) its under an embargo. Of course.

The whole of BBS2014 is going to be great. The effort and talent that gets put into this Burns celebration with a big bold modern twist defies belief. The South West Scots rock their Scottish socks!

And there I am. The odd English insert of a devoted fan and enthusiastic artist. Friend for ever and ever, forever fffff. An interlude. InterLou’ed. InterLude?
Showing me wares and falling down stairs. So honoured and chuffed. Happy and buff!
And not only do I get to partake in the team work of pulling BBS off, i get  to come with my Booth too.
Oh my the good fortune! Oh my the prospects!
Oh my the pressure! A worthwhile local endeavour. Nothing to gain but goodwill and pleasure.

So much to do before my December booth deadlines and BBS2014.
I am spun out and delirious in an engulfing dream of Slo-mo cameras, booth decor options, recycle upcycle, tartan, new photography tools, pretty things and 80s neons... Seeing opportunity and art on my journey of Burns and Booths.

I'm kept awake with the excitement of more photo captures of live enraptures.
I live my daze in a haze slighty crazed but amazed.
The future is clear. Its here.
The future is Boothiful.

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