Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dump Steam Punk & return to Funk.

Steam Punk?
Or just good old funk?

Steam Punk stuff is cool. However, you cant just shove a few rings or a bit of chain on something and call it Steam Punk.

Its gotta have cogs, coils. Old parts that used to form part of a working, moving mechanical engine. (hence the steam)

I can see why people think Steam Punk when they look at these boots. I understand.

Frankly it puts me off.

I prefer to think of these boots as...well...simply...Mine.

They are quite unusual in proportion. The skinny metal offset heal gives them a sense of delicacy, yet the fat high platform and white leather makes a more in your face statement. and the metal loops ande overlay on the heel is clever, simple, recyclable, and I love to imagine the jingle jangle these would make as you totter along.
Beautiful boots with sound. Not bad for the first of November.

Python leather "Botolim" boot with coiled metal heel and overlay, Javier Gaswcvo, 2008

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