Monday, 16 July 2012

Festival Season

Hey my lovely blog readers!

I am unable to continue with my posts on this weeks shoes as I am out of the house making and building at the Wickerman festival.
I shall critique the shoes upon my return and write up anything of great beauty or fugliness.
Murkie and I have spent the last week running around, last minute prepping and doing 'stuff' in a bid to be ready to rock and roll in a field with our crew.
The work starts tomorrow, the party starts Thursday.
I just hope my recently removed wisdom teeth holes heal up, and the antibiotics start to work as I feel crappy from the infection which has crept up into my ears, around my eye socket and down my throat.
Its yucky and it hurts when I do a lot of fun things like, smoke, laugh, smile & jiggle.
Which I hope to be doing a lot of this week.
So come on penicillin do your best! Get me back to fighting best!
let the work go well so we can all rest.
before the partying starts and I am a mess!!!

See you in a week fellow bloggers.
Much love and smiles across the muddy field miles.


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