Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bond Boots

At first sight these denim clad boots seem quite plain.
The proportion is good, the structure and the style.
But then you notice the metal trim finish almost protruding from the front toe edge, rather like a cake ribbon or a skirting board.

Complimented by the extra metal chunk on the bottom inch of the skinny heal. And you think to yourself, “now there’s a good pair of kickers!”
Or perhaps a similarity can be drawn to the hideous slash and stab nickname of the infamous ‘footbal knife’, these boots would enable you to make a healthy punt and dunt in your assailant.
Other than some beautifully designed self protection these boots offer simple elegant denim design. And for the extra bonus of the protective metal front and heels I name these boots Bond. Boots Bond.

Denim-finish eather “Cantini” ankle boot with metal trim, Jerome C Rousseau, 2010.

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