Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Aztec beauties

Well hello there beautiful Aztec shoe!
Just look at you.
All pretty and delicate yet chunky based too.

I want to wear you with snakeskin knickers & bra and nothing else!
Travel down the Niagara on a throne in a boat rowed by my minions.

Or stand aside the great pyramid deciding who will go into my great crypts, my long multi layered dress flowing in the wind, the sun browning my skin.

This shoe takes me away to a place I have never been but can dream of. A place where people have the time to make teeny things into even smaller mosaics. Where the buildings are impressive and so is the jungle. There are columns and sand blasted relics and me standing among the lot parading around in these shoes (and the afore mentioned long flowing dress, not just my undies)
I want to wear these shoes and dress as an Amazon princess, an Egyptian bride. The only thing that worries me about these stunning shoes, is the calling they will bring to those that love to wear animal print. And I shudder at the idea of these being combined with leopard or tiger print dresses. Its just got to be no. Undies or flowing dresses. That’s all.

 “Saffi” suede and lizardskin platform sandal, Chrissie Morris, 2010.

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