Saturday, 16 June 2012

Plastic fantastic

Fridays shoe has come along way from the plastic sandals I recall being forced to wear on summer holidays back in the 80’s! ‘Jello’ sandals we called them, (pictured below). They came in all sorts of semi-transparent plastic colours but my mum bought me clear! With socks, this was not a good look. And they were blooming uncomfortable too.
Recently ‘Jello’ shoes made a comeback, (if you can call it that) in cheap shoes shops and pound shops across the nation. However, maybe because I didn’t spend enough time at the beach during this resurgence or maybe because I don’t watch kid’s feet much, they just didn’t seem to catch on as well as they had in 80’s. 

And the current ones had glitter added into the plastic too! 
But still no appeal.

But this plastic sandal is from a new era, (pictured above). This strappy slingback sandal with pin heal, by Mellissa and Jean Paul Gaultier (2010) is rather nice. 
I'm not so sure about the colour, I would as always go for something more striking yet this subtle orange gives it a less garish and more classic look. 
And I bet it looks beautiful with a lightly tanned foot balanced inside it. And waterproof too!
I’ll have two!

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