Saturday, 23 June 2012

Growling beaded sling back


Now here is a mean pair of ‘in your face stilettos’ that have some presence and character about them.
These shoes demand attention and from me, they certainly get it!

I love these shoes.
Everything about them makes my eyes skip about their design in joy.
The chunky bead trim on the platform sole, the grey tartan flare over the front of your foot, the peep toe for painted toes to just ‘peep’ through (with outfit coordinated minx toe polish of course!) and the tall slender heel. As well as all that they are suede too. Comfy!

All this adds up to a perfect combination that just makes me want to run to the shops for a pair.

And I was beginning to think that the shoes in June from this shoe calendar were a bit dull. And along came this growling devil! I find it cleverly bold yet not ostentatious.

Great design.

Suede slingback with bead-trimmed platform, Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010.

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