Monday, 14 May 2012

Python skin wedge

11th May

I’m not usually mad for wedges but this lovely little shoe by Diego Dolcini is so pretty and I love the python material on the wedge so much, that I fell in love.

Is their enough love in that sentence?

It’s a nicely proportionate shoe, with delicate metallic T bar strap and matching edging around the sandal front. I think the large blue and metallic flower petals provide a complimentary scale to the wedge heel.

Overall i really enjoy looking at this shoe, it’s gorgeous material all over and the style. I can’t often resist a T Bar shoe and this one is no different. Although a little surprised I have fallen for a wedge, I am not surprised as I adore the python skin. And for someone with a recovering sprain injury, it’s all the support I need from a glamorous heeled shoe.

Python wedge-heeled sandal with oversize leather flower, Diego Dolcini. 2010

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