Monday, 21 May 2012

Hip Hop Flip Flop

May 18th
Flippy floppy hip hoppy.

What a beautifully stylish way to make a flip flop.
I love how the thick snake print strap is aligned in such a position it is also the main structural heel. It does indeed make the shoe look like it is floating without a heel.
I enjoy the simplicity of the design and how the toe loop is in the same snake print material, making this a completely co-ordinated piece.

I would wear this with a summer evening dress or hanging out with my mates in my baggy arab trousers. Its stylish enough to be a posh sandal but cool enough to be hip flip.

I adore this hip hop flip flop.
Snake-print leather “Loop Hi” sandal with floating heel, United Nude, 2010

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