Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Art Deco Shoe - boo boo bee doo!

Friday 2nd March

Now THIS is a beautiful shoe.

Its saying Rain! Rain! I’m over here, you know you want me.
And while it is saying this a soft alluring piano plays in the back ground and a sexy sultry trumpet seduces you into trying them on and cha-chaing your way around the shoe shop.

Art Deco-inspired “Roisin” platform with pieced leather design, Chrissie Morris, 2010.

I just adored this shoe. It is so 1920s and so beautiful. It’s not often I fancy a white shoe but this one I do! It is beautifully crafted, has style & angles, quirkiness yet proportion. It is elegant yet a little bit chunky and definitely a whole lot of funky.
I particularly enjoy the stepped edges around the ankle and the upper arch. You can imagine how snugly they will fit your foot, perhaps flaring out a little to mould precisely to your unique shape. The heels are reinforced with another stepped effect wedge under the heel which is in itself of a great size and proportion, not too skinny, not too thick. A peep toe front makes it possible (as I always say) to adorn your toes with an outfit complimenting polish colour.

All in all this is an amazing and stunning shoe. I would wear it to work. To a wedding. To a party or to the shops. Where ever you go with this art deco shoe, you are going to have a spring in your step and likely to break out into the Charleston at any given moment.

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