Sunday, 30 January 2011

Its all about windows

Sometimes you wake up and realise with glee that life truly is exactly what you make of it. There is no time for waiting for happiness and contentment to find you. You have to make it for yourself. You see your windows of opportunity and you seize them. Firmly in both hands and love every minute of the rewards you can reap.

Today I have taken ownership of some personal time. I am sitting right in my window of opportunity, in the window of a Carlisle cafe, (writing using Windows if you want to be really nerdy), waiting to be served, waiting for my luxury lunch with a small red wine with a happy smile on my face. Full of contentment, glad for my life and the freedom within my relationship.

This all came about because one of our daughters wanted to go to the cinema with a friend in Carlisle. The journey is an hour’s drive away or they have to pay the cost of the train. Seeing the opportunity to spend three hours submerged in my writing with the hustle and bustle of a city in my ears, I offered to drive them. This gives me three hours to soak up the fashion windows (not spending any money today so window shopping only), sip a small glass of wine and still be safe to drive, soak up the atmosphere, the smells, the sounds, stare out of the window and feel like me while my fingers tippey type away.


I have recently felt renewed vigour to put fingers to keyboard, after a period of grieving and I guess what you would call, writers block. Now it’s back and I am in heaven.
And here I am, in a perfect cosy corner, right beside the radiator, looking out the window at the passing traffic, both shoppers and cars and thinking, thank god for the children! For giving me the chance to be ‘stuck away from home’ with nothing but my netbook and my e-reader to occupy my time.

Love it!

Oh and even one of favourite songs now playing out softly over the sounds of the cafe.

Start singing for I linger on dear, still craving your kiss, I’m longing to linger ‘til dawn dear....
Sweet dreams ‘til sunbeams find you, sweat dreams that leave your worries behind you....

Pure bliss.

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