Monday, 22 March 2010

Karma Conscience

I look back now at what has been before. My history, my life. I find it has been full of traits.

Loyalty. Strength. Defiance. Independence. Compassion.
Addictive. Lost. Insecure. Vulnerable. Determination. Many traits and let’s not forget traitors.

Traitors? Yes, those who know the truth but choose to ignore it. They don’t necessarily betray you directly, but their existence is about betrayal, deceit, traitors to the mask they wear. Traitors to the earth and its honest thrum. Those who worm their way into your heart or soul by hearing your song. Then warping the sounds into something truly wrong. They live in danger, destructive behaviours and touch all they meet with their damaged relations. These people are, quite simply, choosing to be bad. They make the choice, to ignore the good in themselves and testify to be bad.

They may have suffered trauma. We all do. In some shape or form. All individualised. None of it about comparison. What makes the difference between the traitors and the rest of us, is what we do to overcome our traumas.

Who braves their soul and seeks help?
Who hides from their soul and seeks oblivion?

They make the choice, to ignore their conscience and continue to blame the world.
Then they wonder why nothing good ever becomes of them.

We are all mirrors.
That which we imagine, feel or give out, we get back.
Do you believe in karma? If not, do you believe in every action has a reaction?
My life has been full of reactions. Now I am left leading the action.

And i see the way forward.
Embrace yourself, embrace your soul, learn your hardships and change the pattern of destruction.
Become one with yourself. Become one before you inflict yourself on anyone else.
Be alone. Be one. Come undone.
Start again. Be honest. Find truth.
The final trait will see you home, you will never be alone.
When you have honesty, Karma is on your side.

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